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Your loss if you don't buy Tesla, Google, Facebook, Apple shares on DX Exchange, here's how to buy it

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 14, 2019 | Sunday, April 14, 2019

Many people are interested in investing online, especially share ownership. generally in eastern countries (Malaysia - Indonesia, stock trading is opened by brokers offering local shares).

So what about foreign stocks, like Nasdaq ...?. Foreign stocks are not easily bought either in Indonesia or Malaysia, especially access has been blocked.

But there are ways to buy stocks like Tesla, Google, Facebook, which can now be easily accessed from all corners of the earth.

Must be understood, DX Exchange is one of the stock trading and cryptocurrency platforms supported by Nasdaq. The platform was launched in early 2019, where all users can take advantage of crypto and stock purchase access. DX Exchange provides a great opportunity for investors to choose one of them investments.

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# What is it like and how do you buy Tesla, Google and Facebook shares ...?

Before investing, all users are required to fill out Know Your Customer (KYC) as one of the absolute requirements that must be filled.

Fill in your data in accordance with the identity, can use a KTP or SIM. And attach any proof of bill that shows the address in accordance with the identity. For example internet, electricity, etc.

This one digital trading platform uses the Nasdaq Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol.

DX Exchange is the first platform to offer shares based in Estonia. And support trade in the European Union, supporting fiat USD and EURO, of course.

At the beginning of the DX launch the Exchange offers digital stocks including Amazon, Facebook, Netflix. Baidu, Apple, Google, Nvidia, Tesla, Intel, Microsoft.

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Then, in the next few months, there will be many well-known stocks offered. The goal is to make more choices of foreign investment in addition to cryptocurrency.

As one of the leading platforms, DX Exchange does not only offer various types of cryptocurrency. But here also offers a variety of easy access to stock purchases.

Users can use credit cards or by depositing cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Then this crypto exchange becomes a fiat dollar, and uses it to buy shares.

This solution is the most practical, when you don't have a credit / debit card, use a cryptocurrency deposit that is much cheaper than bank transfer. Purchasing cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can be done in various exchanges.

Then, fill in all data in the form of ID cards and photos of yourself, after the account is approved you can send bitcoins anywhere, including to the DX Exchange account.

And, for those who are interested in buying Tesla, Google, Facebook and Nasdaq stocks, you can directly register for free on DX Exchange. Let's buy the stock too, rather than you save money at home, it's better to play shares on this DX Exchange ...

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