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What Is Between Google And Blockchain Ethereum ...?, a Cryptocurrency Player Must Know

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 09, 2019 | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

The biggest search engine in the world (Google), created a plugin that can help the cryptocurrency community to analyze the data and blockchain Ethereum activity, as well as its development in the Chrome browser.

# . Google Chrome with its new plugin

In addition to presenting its support for Bitcoin before creating the BigQuery database, the technology giant has launched the Ethereum version for data analysis.

This gives Google users a way to interact directly with Ethereum activities. Special service that provides detailed activity and data on the Ethereum blockchain. This provides a graph of all Ethereum transfers and transaction fees.

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The information provided is very important for Google users and developers, because it can help in better decision making and give users a better view of the Ethereum blockchain. Through its data queries, the need for enhancement and development of the Ethereum system is displayed.

Google has tested how BigQuery can make Ethereum traffic maps interesting with Ethereum dApp, CryptoKitties. Large queries provide a clear overview of token activities.

Ethereum's large query allows the ability to compare smart contracts, especially in their functions. This gives freedom with a large set of analytic tools.

Ethereum data collected by large requests is updated daily. And to find the data provided is useful there is a need for knowledge of database programming because all questions are made with SQL.

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#. Between Blockchain Technology and Google

The application of blockchain technology by Google seems late compared to its adoption by Microsoft and several other technology companies.

How ever, Google has been trending with cryptocurrency adoption, blockchain adoption and also banning crypto mining applications in its stores.

Google recently announced integrating blockchain technology into its cloud platform. This was helped through a partnership with the New York Start Asset and Block app startup.

This is to help developers with a full stack solution to release the potential of web-based innovation on blockchain. Like wise in July, Google began a partnership with Cardano when they sought cryptocurrency adoption on its platform.

Google has also struggled with the trend of cryptocurrency mining applications on the platform, which has made many people vulnerable to dangerous activities that track cryptocurrency like fraud and hacking.

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