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The size of the belly of a pregnant woman looks big or small, maybe this is the cause

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 26, 2019 | Friday, April 26, 2019

The womb is old enough, but the stomach still looks small ...?. Ever encountered something like this ...?. Or pregnant women themselves experience it ...?. Let's find out the big cause, or the small size of the belly of a pregnant woman.

A woman who is pregnant for the first time is usually just starting to look prominent at 12-16 weeks of gestation. After that, the size of the abdominal circumference will increase by an average of 1 cm/ week. However, the size of the stomach of each pregnant woman can vary.

# Things That Affect the Shape and Size of a Pregnant Woman's Stomach

Does the pregnant woman know or not, what makes the stomach look big or small, round or broad in shape, and where the stomach looks high or low ...?.

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Here are some things that can affect the size and shape of the belly of a pregnant woman:

1. Body posture

- The posture of a pregnant woman can affect the shape or size of an abdomen that is enlarged due to pregnancy. Generally, the size of the stomach will appear larger if the posture of a pregnant woman is thin or not too high.

While in terms of shape, the abdomen will appear more broad to the side if the posture of the pregnant woman is short. On the contrary, the stomach will be more prominent in the future if the pregnant woman has a high posture.

2. Weight

- Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can make a pregnant woman's stomach look bigger. However, this large stomach does not indicate that the baby in the womb is also large.

3. Strength of the abdominal muscles

- Strong and tight abdominal muscles can resist the development of the uterus so that it does not appear too prominent. Strong abdominal muscles also make the pregnant mother's stomach become tall and prominent when the pregnancy is large.

Conversely, the position of the abdomen will appear to decrease if the abdominal muscles are looser. One thing is certain, the high and low position of the stomach has nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

4. First pregnancy or not

- Pregnant belly size, generally will appear larger in the second pregnancy or so on. This is because the abdominal muscles have stretched and weakened so they cannot resist the growth of the uterus as before.

5. Number of babies in the womb

- The belly of pregnant women containing twins will certainly be larger than the belly of a pregnant mother with a single baby.

6. Position of the baby in the womb

- Widespread abdomen can be caused by a transverse baby's position. So, the shape of the stomach widens or extends also has nothing to do with the sex of the baby, pregnant women.

7. Fetal size

- Pregnant mother's stomach looks small can also be caused by the size of the baby in the womb is not large. Fetuses can be smaller than average if indeed other family members are also small. Conversely, if the fetus is large, the size of the pregnant mother's stomach will also look bigger.

8. Amniotic fluid or preeclampsia

- The pregnant mother's stomach can appear larger due to too much amniotic fluid or polyhydramine. Conversely, a small stomach size can be a sign of lack of amniotic fluid or oligohydramnios.

Another possibility, the belly of a pregnant woman looks small is a disturbance in the placenta due to preeclampsia. These conditions will certainly be immediately detected by the doctor if pregnant women check the womb regularly.

Now pregnant women already know what are the causes ...? so, no need to worry too much, pregnant women. The size of the belly of a pregnant woman is large or small, and protruding or down, generally not caused by health problems. However, don't hesitate to consult an obstetrician regarding any changes that occur during pregnancy. Congratulations on getting offspring ...

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