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The game earns thousands of dollars from smartphones, let's try it ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 12, 2019 | Friday, April 12, 2019

Now a days, smartphones are not expensive objects, at a price of $ 100 you can already use a sophisticated cellphone.

You don't need an iPhone or Samsung S series to make money with a smartphone. The most important is the RAM of 2 GB and 32 GB of memory, the second cell phone is fine.

Just like computer games, to make money playing games on a smartphone, you must :

- Upload Videos
- Selling virtual objects
- Selling Levels

The games below are known as the best money-making games for smartphones :

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1. Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)

It's clear, who doesn't know about this one game. From 7 year olds to parents playing this game. mLBB was launched on July 11, 2016 and became a boom in 2017.

This game is MOBA genre, just like Dota 2. The difference is, MLBB can be played on cellphones. This game is free, but you can buy diamonds to buy the skins available in their virtual store.

# Upload Video
Not a few youtuber become rich because of this game and many people become Youtuber because there are many viewers of this game in Indonesia.

You certainly know, Youtuber who became rich because of this game like JessNoLimit, Dylan Pros, Kimi Hime, Oura Gaming, etc.

Not a few of them earned hundreds of millions a month to billions from playing the MOBA game.

# Selling Virtual Objects
Do you know that Mobile Legends can also sell skins ...? the way is easy, you only need to use the ‘Gift’ feature and you can directly connect with the buyer.

To get free diamonds, you need to stream on Mobile Legends yourself. if there are a lot of viewers, one of them might give you a train, flowers, etc.

# Selling Level / Rank
Very frustrating when the season is up. Your rank will go down again and you have to play for hours to return to the mythic rank. Very difficult if you are not good or a reliable team.

No need to fear, there are many people who are willing to increase your rank. The price is different for each rank, the higher your rank, the more expensive the price will be. 1 star in grandmasters costs $ 2 and 1 star in Legendary rank can reach $ 4.

If you are good at MLBB and have a reliable team, you will be able to get $ 25 - $ 100 / day.

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Player Unknown’s Battleground or often called PUBG has been played by many Indonesians. The game that was released on March 23, 2017 has generated $ 32.5 million according to the research firm Sensor Tower in one month. In other words, the mobile PUBG players have spent approximately $ 1.1 million/ day.

# How to get money from playing PUBG:

- Online PUBG Tournament
The simplest way to make money from playing PUBG is to join a paid online tournament.

The best part is that anyone can play this online PUBG tournament, all you need is to download the game. You can check various online platforms, including Gamebattles MLG, Faceit and GamerzArena.

- Sell PUBG items
Collecting Battle Points and buying crates can be another way you can earn money by playing PUBG. They can sell it and convert it into fiat money like Rupiah or Dollar.

That's the reason why many players track rare/ valuable items with new crates so they can collect and sell them at high prices.

You can also sell items on Steam Market for computer users and get Steam credit. Besides, you can even sell on websites, including OPSkins where you can get the best skin.

- Youtuber and PUBG Streamer
Creating content on Youtube or streaming can no longer be released from making money from playing. At present, PUBG is one of the most watched games in the world on Twitch and Youtube, according to Newzoo statistics.

That means you can take advantage of this opportunity and become a streamer on that platform. In addition, you can also be a streamer on the Cube TV or Player Zon app.

You can also record your games and edit them into very interesting tutorials, gameplay videos or other PUBG content. You will not make money overnight with this option.

However, there are many Youtubers like CarryMinati who make money by doing the same thing. Why should you make a new way if you can use the same thing?

- In conclusion:
It's easy not to make money with video games. The game that the author describes, has been used by people as a job.

Not a few people have made thousands of dollars by playing games. This is only in Indonesia, while in other countries it may be possible to reach millions of rupiahs from playing games.

And most importantly, Youtube, Streaming and Tournaments are key to their long-term earnings. Interesting isn't it ...?, Let's try it now...

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