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Terrible, Dogecoin is Planning Something Fantastic, Could it Be ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 08, 2019 | Monday, April 08, 2019

Dogecoin again enjoys great momentum in the market with the previous hype circulating around Dogethereum which should first represent forks directly to the Dogecoin network with plans to create a new currency.

Then, Dogethereum turned into a bridge between the Dogecoin network and the Ethereum platform, enabling cross-border transactions between two platforms in the form of DOGE and ETH exchanges.

Because this case affects the price of DOGE even further thanks to the Dogethereum trial, at the same time DOGE managed to gather some extraordinary reviews about its technological potential when it comes to future developments, consequently affecting prices on the market and bringing it to list 20 on coinmarketcap.

In addition, DOGE was added to Yahoo Finance, which then sent its price to a higher peak against fiat. How ever, opinions on DOGE are still divided because some crypto fans regard it as PUMP and Sell, also hinting that DOGE will die despite the latest momentum in the market.

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So, what is really happening with the price of Dogecoin beyond the hype Will Dogecoin die or step back to plan something fantastic..? let's examine more deeply in this discussion.

Dogecoin on Github and Hype

As we can see that Dogecoin prices soared with a big hype in the form of hype about Dogethereum, where parts of the community seem unaware of the existence of two different Dogethereum projects.

So far, the DOGE price has risen by almost 110% against the dollar in the past two months, also up by 12% at the monthly level with prices that are always up and down which are very clearly seen until October 7th.

How ever, because this trend is slowly decreasing, DOGE is also stuck with a negative trend in the market, so we can see it drop by more than -3% and more than -4% on the weekly chart.

After the currency shows its "mortality" even though the price PUMP in the form of hype questions mentioned in the "Dogecoin Will Die" problem, there is a great deal of concern about the activity transferred to the Git Hub repository for the Dogecoin project.

When you see a chart of Git Hub activity from Dogecoin, the latest release was added in the last week of September, which was at the time of writing about two weeks ago.

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The last release in the Git Hub repository is 1.14 alpha 3, which is at the same time the fourth release of Dogecoin Core, with requests to merge improvements so that the entire network can update to the latest source code. Improvements are said to include changes from two different versions of Bitcoin Core, 0.14.0 and 0.14.3.

#. Could Dogecoin Plan Something More Fantastic ...?

Dogecoin restarts the year with the sole purpose of representing a blockchain-based currency that will facilitate tipping and incentives through social media, as well as providing effective and fast payment methods.

Besides, Dogecoin is not a deflationary coin, which means that it is designed to obtain a strong dose of stability as long as the time spent on the market as an actively traded asset. This case alone can play a role for the adoption and further attention given to DOGE.

The next big project for Dogecoin, as acknowledged so far, is a live version of the Dogethereum bridge, where we only saw the live demo version as shown a month ago on September 5th.

The development team stated on this occasion they would dedicate a large amount of time to this project, for the release of this project would not happen in 2018, but their team needed the right time to release it.

For now, with Yahoo Finances adding DOGE with Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin can benefit from the addition of Yahoo Finance portfolio, which in turn must provide the impetus needed to adopt Dogecoin in bulk (DOGE which can be used in many online and physical stores as a payment method by individual initiatives.

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