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Strategies and Techniques that are Right to Invest Cryptocurrency in a Time Bearish Market

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 09, 2019 | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Long before we understand more about the ways and strategies for investing in cryptocurrency that you must follow during a bearish market, let's look first at the differences between bearish and bullish markets.

#. Bearish and Bullish markets are what ...?

Basically, there are two types of investors in every market. This term comes from the stock market and commodity markets and has now been brought to the cryptocurrency market as well.

#. Bullish investors

Are people who believe that the value of certain stocks and commodities will increase over time and therefore they invest in it and hope to get a big profit from their investments.

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#. Bearish investors

People who believe that currency prices will not last long term and they tend to sell their currencies to avoid losses.

The basic difference between the two is that bulls can be said to be time to buy and while bears can be interpreted for the time to sell. Basically, they complement each other, because the market continues to increase in bullish momentum, so investors can enter the market when the currency is at its lowest point.

#. Good Investment Techniques When Bearish Market

1. News and development must be followed

It is very important for every cryptocurrency investor to follow every news, especially about the digital currency or cryptocurrency they invest.

While news updates about prices are also very important to follow, investors also need to follow the news to understand what the developers are planning, and what is proposed by other members of a community. By remembering these aspects, you will be able to make better and smarter decisions as investors in a bearish market.

2. Market Trends and Graphics Understood

Market trends and graphics must be observed very carefully. sometimes, there are patterns and trends in cryptocurrency price movements that tend to be difficult to observe. Those who are smart enough can begin to interpret it early and estimate that the price of the currency is likely to fall.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that we first understand the proper Investment Techniques and Strategies and understand the previous chart to compare it with the current graph, it is all done to ensure that there is no error. at least you can consider quarterly quarterly movements of the cryptocurrency market.

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3. Loss is terminated

Stop Loss and Target are the two most important tools that every cryptocurrency trader needs to know. This is basically a circuit breaker to ensure that once the currency price reaches a fixed point, automatic sales will occur. This really determines that the trader does not experience a big loss.

Sometimes traders tend to think that the market will soon recover and readjust their stop loss to a lower amount. If the market does not rebound, traders will end up losing more. Therefore, we must make a strategy to set stop-loss especially when the market is bearish.

4. Investment with Repeated Currency

When there is a bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market, the best advice for you is to invest only with a well-known currency. The higher the market capitalization, the safer the currency to invest during the bearish trend because this currency has capacitybounce higher.

As Bitcoin usually tends to rise again after experiencing a price decline. Therefore, it is important for us to invest in a currency that has a good reputation and understand the proper Investment Strategy and Strategy.

5. About Stablecoin Must Be Understood

Every cryptocurrency investor needs to know and understand the Stablecoin, if the market experiences a difficult phase, then buying Stablecoin will ensure that your ownership of USD will not be affected.

Because 1 stablecoin = 1 USD, and this price will not change, you can invest from all other currencies and put your money into the stabilize coin until the momentum turns.

Strategic use of Stablecoin is an important investment strategy in modern times, when the crypto market is experiencing a difficult phase. For this reason it is very necessary for us to know Investment Techniques and Strategies during the bearish market before investing.

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