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Senarai (Guide to Blockchain Business Based on Research) Does Not Specify Finding Clients from Indonesia, but More to the International

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 07, 2019 | Sunday, April 07, 2019

Blockchain is a growing trend in Indonesia. In fact, the blockchain is often the buzzword heralded by companies that "sell" the technology.

However, the blockchain is diverse, and there is no blockchain one size fits all that can apply to all needs. A list entered in that domain.

This was conveyed by Merlina Li, founder of Listings or an Indonesian blockchain advisor company, on the sidelines of the Indonesia Blockchain Summit, at Green House Co-working Space in Jakarta (Monday 01/04).

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Merlina, with Dimaz Ankaa Wijaya who is a blockchain researcher from Monash Australia University, Senarai provides quality research results for companies in Indonesia who are serious about working on the blockchain.

"The list comes from the Malay language, which means a listListing companies want to provide a list of various types of blockchain technology so businesses that want to implement the blockchain really get the technology that is suitable for the scope of their business. This is important because certain business needs must be matched with the matching blockchain". He said

If traced on a search engine, there is not much information about listings. The list has not published much information about the company, because it wants to emphasize the implementation and the results they achieve. For Senarai, Merlina said achievement was more important so they focused on working and not talking much.

"For example, Dimaz has made many contributions to the blockchain world, especially in Indonesia. However, Dimaz is less well known in the country.

Instead he contributed more in neighboring countries in Australia by writing a number of books, writing articles in international journals and teaching.

The list holds the principle of wanting to focus on results, then let the results speak so that those who really work are better known by the crypto community as a whole ". He said again

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Products developed by Senarai are the results of blockchain technology research. The results of these studies can help companies that want to implement the blockchain for their business. The list becomes a guide (advisor) who is directly involved in implementing it.

It is important to emphasize, listings are not consulting companies, but guides. As a guide, listings are part of a team of companies that want to implement the blockchain.

Because it is directly involved, List is very careful in choosing projects, because the time involved is higher to get better results than ordinary consultants.

Especially, listing wants to find clients who really seriously make blockchain, not just looking for money through an initial coin offering (ICO). Currently, the List team consists of five people, namely two people focused on community and marketing, one person in the media and two people who focus on research.

Listings also do not specialize in looking for clients from Indonesia. In fact, Merlina said that she was looking for international clients who were serious about working on the blockchain.

That is because the cost of trial and error for developing the blockchain is quite expensive, so not many companies in Indonesia have dared to try it.

In the client selection process, Senarai is still conducting an education process for the companies that register. The process also includes due diligence to find clients who are seriously developing the blockchain. Because, if it's not serious, the blockchain will not be feasible because of the costs involved.

"Hopefully in the future, the List can become an Indonesian blockchain company that goes international or even more well-known abroad than in Indonesia". Finally Merlina

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