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Really, Teen promising digital currencies are guaranteed Gold and Dollars

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 13, 2019 | Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lately or precisely in mid - 2018, the cryptocurrency began to lose confidence. This is because the selling price of bitcoin continues to fall until it is estimated to be below the level of 5000 dollars.

Some observers actually provide a more gruesome graph analysis, bitcoin can reach the level of 3500 dollars. But there are several promising cryptocurrency guaranteed with dollars and precious gold. This option is considered the safest in bitcoin trading.

How can cryptocurrency including altcoin be more stable than bitcoin ...? to this day, bitcoin is not guaranteed and most of it is owned by a group of 'Whales' or people who own and control most of the assets of BTC.

This is also one reason that bitcoin is very difficult to recognize as a currency, and is difficult to accept into the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).


Unlike some altcoins guaranteed by dollars and gold, crypto is used in bitcoin and altcoin exchange transactions. Thus safeguarding traders from heavy losses and securing their assets into dollar or precious metal collateral.

# 10 Cryptocurrency Promising

Apart from being a trade, this altcoin can also be an investment asset. Especially altcoins guaranteed by gold, each coin is equal to 1 once gold. Some promising, best cryptocurrency investments are guaranteed with dollars or gold, including the following:

1. Digix

Digix this is a promising cryptocurrency and gets a lot of public attention. The global digit is guaranteed by the gold standard, where each DGX token represents 1 gram of pure gold stored in Singapore.

There is not much total supply of tokens, the market supply is around 2901.8689 DGX, the price of 1 DGX today is set at 0.1893 ETH.

The price is not the same as crypto guaranteed by the dollar, this coin fluctuates following the movement of the gold market. Some of the assets in collaboration with this network include PundiX, MarkerDAO, TenX and Ethlend.

2. Tether (USDT)

Traders are generally very familiar with USDT, one of the most well-known, high-value, and there are all the leading exchanges.

Each Tether token is guaranteed by dollars, no matter how bitcoin goes down or rises, the value is equivalent to 1 US dollar.

3. True USD (TUSD)

True USD is a stable currency which is worth around US $ 1 per token. This altcoin was launched in 2018, where each TUSD cryptocurrency investment is guaranteed in US dollars and is stored in an Escrow account by a third party.

4. DAI Stablecoin

Dai is a decentralized stable currency, pegged at a ratio of 1 to 1 in US dollars. DAI tokens are most often traded with Ethereum tokens.

The DAI Token is the first decentralized stablecoin that runs on the blockchain Ethereum.


EURS is a stablecoin introduced by Stasis in 2018EURS tokens are virtual financial assets that reflect EURO digitally.

The EURS exchange rate is guaranteed by the value of its collateral that allows it to be used in the cryptocurrency market.


6. AAA Reserve

AAA Tokens were launched in 2018, guaranteed by several currencies and investment products.

AAA tokens are more accurately considered financial products than currencies and have maintained very high price stability due to various portfolios.

7. Stable USD (Stably)

Stably is cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. Where each token is set equal to 1 US dollar reserved and audited quarterly.

It is convenient to collect zero fees for Stable USD issuance and exchange, but third party transit fees are still valid. For example bank transfer fees, and network transaction costs.

8. White Standard

white Standard is the first of three White Company products. These coins are guaranteed with US dollars, pounds and euros.

This token is audited every month and is intended as a banking product. White Standard was launched last August and its investment has increased by more than 30 percent.

9. Alchemint SDUSD

To buy SDUSD, the user must make a deposit with NEO coins. This system requires buyers to save 5 to 1.

Alchemint holds about 20 percent of the SDUSD stable value in assets. And the rest is considered as the vested value held by SDUSD holders.

10. Stronghold USD

Stronghold USD is a proposed benchmark from IBM that runs on the Stellar network. IBM and Stronghold are developing this currency for the use of IBM products.

Such is the explanation of the promising cryptocurrency investment above, guaranteed by dollar and pure gold metal assets.

And if you are worried about investing in bitcoin (BTC), you should choose a gold investment that is now available in the guarantee of 10 digital currencies. May be useful...

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