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Make a Bitcoin Trading Bot easy with the Free Gekko Installation, here is the answer ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 15, 2019 | Monday, April 15, 2019

Not a few people who want to trade but do not have a lot of time due to daily activities.

Some people actually choose to subscribe to automated trading at high prices. But how to make a bitcoin trading bot from an open source script that is free to use by anyone. Simply prepare one laptop unit that will be your personal robot assistant.

Trading will take up a lot of free time, so it's no wonder that many people trade at night outside their activities. But free time is not enough, because odd jobs actually have the opportunity to make a loss.

Llus real world activities are disturbed, not concentrated, because the market suddenly dropped dramatically. To overcome this, prepare a personal assistant, a robot who will obey all your orders.

# Creating a Gekko Trading Bot & How to

Robots have been planned since the beginning of the rise of computers to replace human tasks. Not apart from trading, both forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

Trading robots are very useful for those of you who have full routines in the real world. Especially not very familiar with using robotic software or trading bots.

How to make a cryptocurrency trading robot is very easy. Here's a guide to how to create a free bitcoin trading bot from open source software.

1. 1 Computer or Laptop Unit Must Be Prepared.

The device that must be provided is one unit of a normal computer or laptop, the important thing is not to drain large electrical power.

Then make sure your internet network runs smoothly without interruption. To simplify using the Windows operating system, at least Windows 7.

2. Open Source software downloaded

Gekko is a free and open source Technical Analysis (TA) and bitcoin trading robot. This platform is directly connected to the cryptocurrency exchange, including Indodax.

This program is written in javascript and runs on Nodejs. Gekko can be used for trading strategies, or used for the following tasks:

Gekko is used for strategy simulations that refer to periods of historical data, called Backtest. TA this will tell what will happen during the specified time period, including risks and benefits.

Gekko can run a realtime trading simulation strategy, or Paper Trader. This TA functions to see how much profit will be obtained.

The last is Tradebot or a trading robot, useful for running strategies in realtime and automatically. This option is executed when the TA simulation that you make actually makes a profit.

The whole mode, can be run with a lightweight interface, displays graphics and performance / risk statistics. Even beginner traders can easily use this platform.

3. Gekko Trading and Installation Bot

How to make a bitcoin trading bot with Gekko running on Nodejs. Download and install Nodejs first, select the version of Nodejs LTS (Long Term Support).

After the installation is successful, reboot your computer, then install the Gekko software. Download this script on the Github repo, click the Clone or Download button at the top right, select 'Download Zip'. Extract the zip file and install it in the following way:

- Open the Windows Start menu, type cmd.exe from the search menu. A command prompt display will appear, from here the installation starts. Open the extracted Gekko folder, fill in the following command line:

cd Downloads
cd gekko-stable
npm install –only = production

- To add a broker dependency installation, enter into the exchange folder:

cd exchange
npm install –only = production

- To add a Tulip Indicator code, make sure you have added the VC ++ 2015 build tool in Windows. Installation with the following command line :

npm install windows-build-tools –global -production
npm install tulind -only = production

4. Gekko Live Command

After the installation is complete and Gekko is successfully executed, then you can directly use this software for Paper Trader and Backtest.

But it can't be activated for Live trading command prompt. First edit the script config, change the following line of code:

config.watch = {exchange: ‘binance‘,currency: ‘BTC‘,assets: ‘ETH’,
config.trader = {enabled: true,key: ‘enter KEY‘,secret: ‘enter SECRET KEY‘,
config ['I only understand MY OWN trading strategies'] = true;

Then this config file can be duplicated, the example above is copy and rename becomes the config-btc-eth file. Each duplication can be adjusted, just change the currency and assets in the config.

Watch line and name each file. To run the trading bot from the command prompt, enter the Gekko folder and type the following command:

gekko –config config-btc-eth.js node

Other configurations can be adjusted, but run Backtest first through the GUI display. Then change the value of the row contained config.tradingAdvisor according to the selected TA.

5. Live GUI Gekko

For the graphical interface or GUI, run Gekko with the following command from the command prompt. Previously, direct the command to open the Gekko folder:

cd Downloadscd gekko-stablegekko -ui node

This graphical display is accessed through the browser after Gekko is run from the command prompt. Open Forefox or Chrome browser, access the Gekko page at http: // localhost: 3000. To stop this software, just press the CTRL + C button in the command prompt window.

Final words from the author, that is how to make the free bitcoin trading bot above quite easy for beginners. You can experiment TA yourself from this software, then run a trading bot.

There are many trading analysis codes that can be found on Github, the most important thing is that your computer must stay online 24 hours. May be useful...

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