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It's better to use YouTube if the product you want to sell is sold, here are 5 things to do for product promotion on YouTube

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Technology is increasingly advanced and sophisticated, the product marketing strategy is certainly growing rapidly. Not just relying on advertisements in newspapers or other electronic media, now entrepreneurs can also promote it through social media, one of which is YouTube.

Promoting products through YouTube can be the most appropriate tool. because, currently the video sharing platform has attracted millions of eyes. So, the chances of your products being widely known will be even greater. We can imagine, the number of Youtube visitors can reach more than 30 million in one day.

However, in any marketing media, it is not easy. There must be more value from the product and the way you are marketing. If you are interested in doing product marketing strategies through Youtube, here are the things that need to be considered so that your business can be sold a lot :

1. Product promotion via Youtube, create very interesting content

- Deciding to jump into the product marketing strategy through YouTube means you have to be ready to produce interesting video content. If you are still a beginner in taking videos, you can use the freelance videographer services that have clear picture quality. Leave it to them like the edits. There you only need to provide the desired concept to the service.

Even though your product is mediocre, but if you pack it with interesting video content, it will increase its selling value. People will prefer to see good quality content with ordinary products, rather than extraordinary products but the quality of the content is not attractive.

And when need not just show off your products, but also show a little story in them. For example, if you sell wooden paintings, your videos should not only contain the product, but also include the process of making it, to the story of its philosophical meaning. What is clear in the video does not need to be the length of time, make a short video so that those who see it are not bored and bored.

Upload the video content regularly, like once a week, or once a month. And if your product is engaged in counseling services, you can share various tips every day.

2. Interesting titles must be considered

- The first thing YouTube fans see before clicking a video, is the title. The more interesting the title, the greater their desire to see it. So, even though your video content is good and if the title is normal, it might not be clicked on by YouTube fans.

Try making a title that is clickbait, it doesn't hurt. Can write half a sentence that makes people curious and they are forced to click so that they know in full what is meant in the title. Don't be afraid of being blasphemed because of clickbait, because this is a product marketing strategy so that your videos are widely seen, and known to many people.

3. Create a Thumbnail as Attractive as Possible

- Similar to the title, try selecting a more attractive thumbnail. Thumbnail is a photo that will be displayed as the face of your content or the initial cover. So either thumbnails or titles, both of them play an important role so that they are clicked a lot.

Furthermore, you can specify thumbnails from the video content snippet, but you can also create new ones with a variety of interesting designs. Choose which one is the most interesting, and make people easily click on your video. But keep in mind, thumbnails must match and represent the contents of your video content.

4. Increase brand awareness with the logo

- For a business, brand awareness is the most important aspect in introducing their products. Especially in the early days of the establishment of the business. The goal is to be known to many people and has its own characteristics.

In order to increase brand awareness, several things are needed. One of them is the logo. The choice of shapes, colors, and symbols that need to be combined as well as possible, then adjusted also to the name of the brand and the product being sold.

When you decide to do a product marketing strategy using YouTube, don't forget to include a small logo on each of your video content. This is very important for a business that is known to many people, and has its own peculiarities.

In this case it has been done by various kinds of corporations, let's say the media. If you look at the CNBC channel or other mainstream media, they will always include a small logo in the corner of the video, meaning you also need to do this

5. Your video channel and other channels try to work together

- The last product marketing technique is to use promotional tools from other Youtube channels. This is commonly used by Youtuber in Indonesia to promote their channel. How to do video collaboration with other accounts, which obviously has more fame than your video channel.

Then in the content, he promoted it. But maybe, you have to prepare an offer that is equally beneficial with them to collaborate or cooperate. For example, it could be by giving a product discount, or paying to create collaborative content. (nelipatel.com/ auth)

So are 5 successful ways to promote product techniques through YouTube. Should you have considered using YouTube to expand the reach of your product promotion. Because, after all, people now prefer watching videos rather than looking in the paper. Greetings of success always...

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