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In your opinion, did the career of the WikiLeaks founder fall for a moment ...? or even vice versa He is free from all charges

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The career of Julian Assange (Founder of WikiLeaks), finally collapsed for a moment. As for the cause of the momentary fall of the career of the founder of WikiLeaks, because he had to deal with the authorities in England.

Julian Assange was detained by British police from the Embassy of Ecuador after staying at the Embassy since 2012.

"Julian Assange, 47, today Thursday 11 April, has been detained by officers of the Metropolitan Police Service of the Ecuadorian embassy". He revealed the police in the area (Reuters, 11 April 2019)

The police said they arrested Assange after being invited to the embassy by the ambassador, after the revocation of asylum by the Ecuadorian government.

CNN reported, the Metropolitan Police confirmed, if the officers went to the embassy where Assange had lived for the past seven years, they detained him for not being present in court over the order issued in 2012. And, he has been detained at the central London police station.

The Australian Whistleblower has been hiding in an embassy that is only a few meters from Harrods department store in Knightsbridge since 2012.

At that time, when he was granted asylum as part of an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden, at that time he faced charges of sexual assault.

The New York Times said that the US Department of Justice had filed criminal charges against Assange, related to the issuance of confidential documents in November.

Assange was also suspected of helping Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election by releasing materials stolen from Clinton's computer campaign and the Democratic Party.

In July, the Justice Department demanded 12 Russian intelligence officers to hack the computers, and the charges stated that at least one of them was related to WikiLeaks.

The problem in Sweden has been canceled, but Assange is afraid of US extradition because of his work with WikiLeaks and remains at the embassy. Julian Assange repeatedly denied making a mistake. Police said, Julian Assange would be presented to London's Westminster Court as soon as possible.

Will the career of Julian Assange or the founder of WikiLeaks really collapse after the existence of this case, or even vice versa will be free from all the penalties alleged to him ...?. Only the panel of judges decided it ...

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