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Important ..., Pay attention to these 12 things before losses hit you from the ICO

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 13, 2019 | Saturday, April 13, 2019

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an effort of startup companies that want to raise funds to develop and maximize projects that have been planned by offering investors to their tokens or coins that are valued by cryptocurrency.

Many people are very interested in investing their money in the world of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins (Altcoins). Investment forms also vary, such as trading and ICO participation.

But does ICO guarantee benefits ...? Of course, in every case, they have risks and benefits. ICO is an alternative way where there is low risk, high reward. So how do you minimize risk in ICO elections ...?

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There are many factors that need to be considered in choosing ICO to invest. The following 12 things must be considered in choosing or buying ICO:

1. Idea

Realistic ideas are needed to be implemented and must be able to solve problems. This should be used appropriately in using the blockchain, not just some ideas that didn't work in the past, and now it looks good to use on the blockchain.

2. Team

It takes a team that is experienced enough to be able to carry out this vision. In realizing a vision a team that has high credibility and quality is needed so that the idea can be implemented properly.

How do you find out whether the team is experienced and has high credibility and quality....?. You can view their LinkedIn profiles, where all lists of employment and education history are listed.

3. Advisor

An advisor must be senior enough to have a positive impact on the project. They must be registered with LindkedIn's profile, which can prove their experience and connection with the project they have handled. Advisor profiles with connections less than ‘+500’ listed on LinkedIn can be said to have low credibility.

4. Hard Cap

One that has a major impact on investment is Hard Cap. If an ICO has a large hard cap, it can increase the risk of your investment prospects. know that in the world of cryptocurrency, the majority of players do not have expertise in the field of investment, many of them do not pay attention to Hard Cap when making investments, for example :

ICO A and ICO B are engaged in the same field, namely Lending Platform,
a has a $ 40,000,000 Hard Cap for their ICO B has a $ 20,000,000 USD Hard Cap for their ICO. When both enter Exchange X, the two Coins have a $ 60,000,000 Market Cap. Which one is more profitable for you ...?

Although an ICO Hard Cap is important, but it is not the only indicator of whether an ICO is profitable, it needs to be considered by the Team, Partners and other information such as Competitors to determine whether an ICO has evaluated it self too high.

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5. Hype

We can only count users from Telegram and sub-Reddit followers. In this case Twitter & Facebook are not counted, because the majority of their followers are only looking for free airdrop not for investment interest.

6. Products / Goods

Products that are already running are a plus, but some ideas that are too new and ordinary can also be very easy to understand so that they have a positive impact on their whitepaper.

7. Target / Road Map

Consider whether a road map looks realistic or not, is it too ambitious...?, is it possible...?, it would be better if a road map was started a few years ago.

8. Competition

The prospect of profit from their investment can be seen from the products they offer, and compare them with their competitors. Which brings more profit opportunities ...?

9. Sales Tokens

The value of selling tokens has a benchmark, normally the sale of tokens is 50%, less than that can be categorized as having a risk, but if more will be better.

10. Marketing

By hiring a professional marketing can increase the confidence of investors to invest in the company.

This is one of the added values that has a big impact. Marketing methods are also not limited by writing articles on well-known websites, airdrop, bounty and also videos.

11. Bonus

Bonus is no less important to know in making a decision to buy an ICO for me. many people often don't pay much attention to bonus issues. Of course, the Presale and the Private sale bonus are very important to know before deciding to buy an ICO.

As an example :

Coin A is doing an Initial Coin Offering, then person A gets a Presale Bonus of 25% and an additional Private Sale bonus above the Presale Bonus of 50%, and person B gets a Presale Bonus of 25% and does not get a Private sale Bonus, then the Bonus total person A = 75% (175%total Coin is accepted with investment value), then total Bonus person B = 25% (125% of total Coin accepted with investment value)
Often people are confused as to why an ICO when going out to exchange costs under the ICO, this happens because people who follow Private sales still have a profit, so they can sell coins at a price below that and still make a profit.

12.Use of Coins / Token

Seach Coin or Token has a different function, having a Coin / Token does not mean you have shares in the Coin / Token company, but there are some from ICO or Projects that already have a token function that divides dividends to their Coin / Token holders. Be aware, pay attention to this if you want to lose in playing ICO ...

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