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Assault right now, this crypto can enter for free into your EOS account

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 13, 2019 | Saturday, April 13, 2019

EOS always has a variety of various coins from the version offered, and to get that CANDY from EOS is one way to get coins gartically.

Therefore, EOS is always interesting to study and give a lot of knowledge, now we are in an era that will not only be a cryptocurrency that moves EOS software when it is available to the market.

In fact, most EOS holders will find that they also have many new tokens with real-world value, because many startups are planning to start their business, by giving tokens to EOS users, and giving them for free.

# EOS Very Popular

New projects will want to choose topical chains, and EOS is one of their choices.

The companies involved in their mission vary greatly, and say like TRYBE, KARMA, HORUS, EDNA and many other tokens. And however it seems, it is designed to build EOS functions in the future.

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# MEET.ONE and MORE.ONE Project

These two applications offer various features, besides being an EOS wallet like MEET.ONE, there are also Grab available in it.

Currently for MORE.ONE, offering a variety of free candy that can be retrieved and entered into tokens in the registered EOS account.

And this is great about having an EOS account, getting a bonus token candy from a trusted application.

As for the purpose of the deployment of various AIRGRAB and CANDY, it gives users a way to interact with products built on EOS, without the need to reveal more information than they want (and without opening their private keys).

By entering Scatter once, users can use different EOS Dapps without logging in again as they move across the web.

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But Scatter too, allows users to have multiple identities. And Scatter works more optimally.

If you are interested in collecting tokens from candy offered, use the MEET.ONE and MORE ONE application to get the free Tokens offered.

Then, you will also continue to get interesting info every day through the application. Besides that you will be able to get some coins that can be withdrawn to your EOS account such as FAID, ATD, EDNA, LUCK, WIZZ, WIZBOX tokens through the MORE.ONE application and also MEET.ONE which provides free AIRDROP.

Unfortunately, many of these candy tokens speak Chinese through the application at MORE.ONE, without setting them to English. However, the MORE.ONE application can still be connected to an EOS account.

Some other projects that are being developed as well, take part in moving the EOS motorbike, then info on various tokens to be launched can be found in the MEET.ONE and MORE.ONE applications.

So, this is your chance to follow EOS interesting info, and collect free tokens that go directly to your EOS account. Good luck friends ..., visit MORE.ONE and MEET.ONE immediately. Thank You...

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