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4 billion worth of treasure found in chicken stomach

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Chicken breeding may be a tradition to meet food needs for the people of Indonesia, and other world communities

The goal is of course to sell or use eggs and meat. However, raising chickens must also pay attention to the health of the birds themselves.

Narrated from the Bastille Post, a woman named Du Xiaoxia from Sichuan, China, raised a hen. For five years Xiao looked after the hen.

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Every day he gives extra food in the form of rice-drying pulp, and Xiao also keeps the health of her hen, so that the poultry looks fresh and fat.

Xiao kept the chicken, so that the eggs could be used for daily needs. But he was annoyed because his chicken was barren, Xiao then slaughtered it to make a side dish to eat with the family.
But the shock haunted him as he cleaned the chicken innards, which caused Xiao to find a round object in his chicken stomach. Xiao thought, that was the egg she waited for 5 years.

But Xiao felt that there was something odd about the chicken egg, because the egg was round or not oval, with a diameter of 18 cm and weighing 115 grams.

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Xiao thinks that this is really a chicken egg, and he is looking for information regarding the egg on the internet. However, how shocked Xiao was after finding that he found a treasure in his stomach, after searching for information on the internet.

It turned out that it was not an egg, but a very rare poultry gallstone. Poultry gallstones are very important, and rare which are used as ingredients of Chinese herbal panacea.
Indeed a big fortune for Xiao, because the price of poultry gallstones reached 2 million Yuan or about 4 billion if the exchange rate is in the form of Indonesian currency.

Of course these poultry gallstones cannot be found in any chicken, because there is a big possibility that one of the millions of chickens in the whole world has such treasure. How lucky ... Xiaoxia ...

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