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$ 20 million in Ripple value, and $ 3 million in EOS value lost via the ChangeNow path

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

As an investor in digital assets that transacts cryptocurrency on the exchange, losing tokens due to the actions of cyber criminals is one of the biggest things that is most feared.

According to cnn.com reports, this is the second time exchange Bithumb has experienced a hacker attack in less than a year.

The hackers managed to take EOS for $ 3 million and 20 million on the XRP, so the total loss was $ 13 million.

After the attack was detected, Bithumb finally stopped the withdrawal and deposit services, then the movement of XRP and EOS tokens was immediately tracked and posted online by cryptocurrency fans.

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Initially, everyone thought the attack was in the Bithumb wallet (where the users of the money were). Fortunately, not a wallet where the users' money was attacked.
Stolen EOS tokens are moved through ChangeNow. ChangeNow is a non-detention exchanger that does not require verification of KYC (Know Your Costumer). At the current exchange rate, the stolen XRP tokens are worth around $ 6 million.

Following the circulation of the report, Bithumb issued a statement about the incident and said that at this time they had transferred all the remaining funds in the hot wallet to the cold wallet.

And when this happens, tracked criminals are moving funds from one exchange to another when they try to quickly disburse the loot. While everyone can see large funds being moved, it is difficult to trace an attacker to a certain location.

Because of the incident, Bithumb apologized by stating that the incident was most likely the work of an "insider". Along with the Bithumb snippet on the official website "We sincerely apologize to our members for delaying cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawal services, we want to let you know about the state of the field and confirm that your assets are safe". He explained

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In essence, the Bithumb post confirms that theft is carried out by people who work on the exchange (not from outside parties). Part of the post also stated,."As a result of internal inspections, it was assessed that the incident was an 'accident involving an insider'. Based on this fact, we are conducting an intensive investigation with KISA, the Maya World Police Agent, and a security company. "

Furthermore, Bithumb felt confident that the attackers would be able to be tracked, and stolen funds would recover as soon as possible.

Bithumb also said that they had begun to investigate this issue and had implemented security measures by stating the following statement. "We continue to monitor and block external hacking. However, it is our fault that we only focus on defense from outside attacks and lack of verification for internal staff. " He Said

Hopefully the culprit will be caught immediately. Let's interpol work even harder, this is so that the perpetrators of the crime get the punishment they deserve. For bithumb, just be patient...

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