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Is it really Google AI (Artificial Intelegent) Able to Predict Some one's Death ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, March 30, 2019 | Saturday, March 30, 2019

One's death is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. No one can really predict this person's death, even if the doctor.

But recently, in a recent paper published in the journal Nature says that artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Google's creation can predict when someone will die.

It can be done by artificial intelligence by entering data electronic health records belong to someone. Furthermore, with the in-depth learning model found substantial prediction results that are highly accurate.

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# Not For Scare

Summarized from Futurism (Monday 18/06/2018) in a trial of this study, the researchers used data on 216,000 adult patients from two US hospitals.

As a result, the researchers could show that this algorithm could predict when a patient should be hospitalized until the time of his death. "We are interested in understanding whether in-depth learning can produce valid predictions across a wide range of problems and clinical outcomes". Write the researchers in their report quoted by Fox News (Wednesday 20/06/2018).

They also state if choosing from different domains.
"Therefore, we select the results of different domains, including important clinical outcomes (deaths), standard measures of quality of care (readmissions), measures of resource utilization (length of stay), and measures of understanding of patient problems (diagnosis)". Write it down

Although it can be used to predict a person's death, this artificial intelligence is not to frighten. Instead, the technology will be used by experts to prioritize patient care, adjust treatment plans, to capture the medical emergencies that occur.

# Have High Accuracy

In the prediction, Google's artificial intelligence has a high accuracy.
Predicted accuracy rate of patient mortality in the first hospital showed up to 95 percent, while in the second hospital showed an accuracy of 93 percent. "This is significantly more accurate than traditional prediction models". The researchers said in the report as quoted from The Independent (Wednesday 20/06/2018).

Even there it is mentioned, clinically out perform traditional predictive. "This model out performs traditional predictive models used clinically in all cases. We believe that this approach can be used to make accurate and scalable predictions for various clinical scenarios".Said the researchers in their paper

In one case study, the Medical Brain algorithm gave a woman with metastatic breast cancer 19.9 percent likely to die in the hospital by vibrating 175,639 data points from her medical records. This differs considerably from traditional predictions. Hospital Early Warning figures show only 9.3 percent chance of death. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence is true. Within two weeks, the patient is dead.

# Controversy

Combining this kind of technology with the health field is not easy. there is a lot of fear and support associated with this. The American Medical Association recognizes in a statement that combining AI with a human doctor can bring significant benefits. How ever, the medical association stated that AI tools should strive to meet some of the key criteria, including transparent, standards-based, and free from bias.

A similar opinion was also expressed by Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, or family-care physician. According to him, connecting a large amount of health information can be beneficial to the patient, but the key is data privacy. "The worrying thing for me is what happens with this data, and who has this data ...?". He said

Besides, Varshavski also reminded of the need for supervision of this technology. "I also hope, as doctors that these companies use data to benefit patients, not the companies themselves. "He Reveals

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