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Want to know white diamonds in the world where, read this article ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 13, 2018 | Sunday, May 13, 2018

Diamonds are the object of every man's dream to possess because of beauty, overpriced, and because of his popularity.

But do you know where the origin of this diamond ...?, well now we will first discuss the history of diamond origin, before we know the rarest diamond ever.

The diamond comes from the deepest part of the volcano which also contains atoms and carbon. In fact diamonds are transparent crystals that bind four parts of the carbon atom. Diamond stones are carried over the surface of the earth through volcanic eruptions.

According to research, the rise of diamond surface of the earth due to rocks that melt. Diamonds developed from miles and miles in the Earth's surface, at a low of 150 km (90 miles), at a pressure of about 5 giga pascal with an ambient temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius (2200 degrees Fahrenheit).

Diamonds can be another natural form according to the high pressure, relatively at low temperatures. Since ancient times even at the time of naming the diamond it self, the diamond is famous as the third hardest material after the 'Aggregated diamond nanorods' and 'ultrahard fullerite'. According to its history, the name of the diamond itself is taken from the ancient Greek word meaning Invincibility.

Already understand not with the origin of the diamond, then we will enter the discussion to find out about rare diamonds that ever exist, please read the article below:

Small diamonds just look very beautiful, let alone a big diamond that gets the rarest nickname in this world. The price is not asked, can reach millions of US dollars.

The diamond that once existed with a weight of 102.34 carats, was cut from the rocks mined in Botswana, Africa. Later, the rarest white diamond will be sold to private collectors and is currently on display at Sotheby's New Bond Street Galleries, London.

The round shape is the most sought after form for colorless diamonds because it provides the sharpest and most beautiful light on the rock.

The perfect round shape of this diamond is an intense polish for six months by the most experienced Diacore craftsmen in Johannesburg and New York.

Therefore, according to Sotheby's, the sale value of the diamond will be more expensive because of its perfect scarcity and splendid shape.

Chairman of Sotheby's Diamond founder, Patti Wong said, in the course of a career that has brought some of the largest rocks on earth, he has never found anything like this.

With its tremendous weight, color, clarity, and perfect quality, he thought it was a natural masterpiece revived by human hands.

The rarest diamond is on display at Sotheby's New Bond Street Galleries until there are buyers who bargain at a suitable price. If you are one of the diamond enthusiast ....?, you can just get it but prepare a lot of money to get it .

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