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This is the reason the Cat Mother Moves its Child Up to 9 times.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, May 19, 2018 | Saturday, May 19, 2018

You like cats ....?, Do you often pay attention to why cats always move their newborn ...?. If you often pay attention but do not know why, let's know here.

Cats are very noble animals for Muslims. Cats are glorified by Muslims it turned out to have its own habits, this one custom almost certainly done all the new cat mothers gave birth to their children.

It turns out the cat's parental behavior is like that there is a point, so not because the mother cat again playing with her son ...

As an aggressive animal, a cat must of itself have an instinct to protect its newborn son, in other words the mother cat becomes more protective with the safety of the child.

Moving a kitten to another safer place, is one of the ways the mother cat keeps her child safe.

That should be the question, that is to maintain safety here because of interference from whom ... ?. It is a cat's instinct to protect his child from possible dangers, such as from other cats and especially from male cats.

It could be when a male cat meets a newborn kitten, killed or even kittens it eats. So sometimes seen also the mother cat a few times move her child to a different place.

Various stories say, the habits of a female cat to move her child up to nine times, there may be true also depending on the parent instinct of the cat if it is safe, then he will usually stay longer.

In addition to fear of threats from other cats, especially male cats, there are also other causes in moving his son, that is because kittens are often held or touched by humans.

So if you already know about this, try not to hold the kitten if it is not necessary, for that wait a few weeks until the cat is bigger and the cat is no longer protective.

Hopefully with the text above, you already know about the animal habits are glorified in this Muslim community. May be useful...

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