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This is the mysterious sword that is estimated to be 2500 years old

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, May 21, 2018 | Monday, May 21, 2018

A group of archaeologists, in 1965 found a grave in Hubei Province, China. Estimated, the tomb was 2000 years old.

In detail, the tomb dates from 722 - 479 BC, precisely when the country is divided into the hostile kingdoms. In this tomb, archaeologists also found a sword stored in a wooden sarong beside the skeleton. The sheath is in excellent condition.

But initially they can not expect much because the possibility of the sword is damaged and rusty. Shocking, when it opened the sword was still in great shape. The metal is still shiny, even the sharpness is likened to as sharp as a nil.

The sword, estimated to be 2500 years old, has a golden hue combined with dark patterns with intricate designs. The archaeologist was shocked that the sword did not rust.

Related to its sharpness, archaeologists still do not know how this sharp metal can survive from the humid air. The findings, of course, provoke a variety of questions. Especially the question of who the man is in the tomb to have this very special sword.

Another question, who is the swordmaker so that it can produce undamaged work time-consuming. Based on analysis of blades and tombs, most archaeologists agree that the most likely sword owner is King Goujian, who has led his empire to victory in one of the last major wars of the period.

However, what about the sword itself ...?. What makes it last for a long time ...?. To answer that question, the scientists working on the sword studied the metal composition.

Based on the test results, the sword was made mainly of flexible copper. However, the tip is made of lead. So that allows the sharpness of the sword last long. In addition, the endurance of this sword is also supported by the composition of the sheath that is very fitting and airtight.

In 1994, the Goujian Sword was lent to the exhibition in Singapore. there, a worker accidentally bumps it into a hard surface. So open a small gap in the sword that remains to this day.

That is the story of a sword that is estimated to be 2500 years old, it is certainly the greatest masterpiece in the history of human civilization. Hopefully information about this mysterious and rare sword can add insight and knowledge in the future. Happy working....

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