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Spoon backs Can Eliminate Black Eyed Bags Within 48 Hours, Really ....?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The beauty of a woman is sometimes hampered by the appearance of a blackened eye bag. Many factors that cause black eye bags on the face more visible.

One of which is the habit of staying up late too often, and the lack of rest from a laptop screen or gadget. The easiest and quickest, how to remove the blackened eye bags can be done in just 48 hours.

Blackened eye bags often make the appearance so not maximal. Especially when attending parties or important events, of course this is very disturbing.

So that the special moments are not messy, let's use the following way to remove the blackened eyes easily below:

Removal Techniques Blackening Only Within 48 Hours.

1. Tea Bags.

How to remove the blackened eye bags quickly and easily, can be by using tea bags.

Not just tea water that can make a throat of relief. But bags of tea bags that have been just thrown away can be utilized to eliminate panda eyes.

How easy enough, enter the tea bag in the freezer. When it is frozen or cold paste on the eyes with lying down for 15 minutes. Tannin content in tea bags, can eliminate the blackened eye bags or experiencing swelling.

2. Cucumber.

With cucumbers, blackened eyes can disappear quickly. This is because of the natural and potent content to overcome the swelling.

How to remove the blackened eye bags using this cucumber is quite easy, ie by slicing cucumber with a thickness of 1 cm, then paste on a blackened eye bag for approximately 15 minutes.

3. Spoon Back.

Just with the back of a cold spoon placed on the freezer, you can use it as a way to remove the blackened eye bags in just 48 hours.

Way, stick the convex part on the spoon in the blackened bag. Of course with this cold condition will give fresh air on the eyes and pockets. For the step repeat several times until the chill disappears.

Certainly many ways to remove the blackened eye bags quickly and easily, even in just 48 hours.

If done regularly and correctly, you can certainly look charming and charming without obstructed blackened eye bags. If you are interested in doing it, do it immediately to make yourself more fascinating. May be useful...

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