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One Of The 9 Ways To Know The Lies Of Someone It Turns out To Be Used Also By The FBI

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 | Tuesday, May 22, 2018

You will surely feel how sad to know that lies are everywhere.

Even when we can lie to someone and feel sorry, because of course being lied is an unpleasant thing.

There are several patterns of subconscious behavior done by a liar determined based on linguistic textual analysis that you need to know.

Of course, this pattern of behavior can be a reference to you whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Here's the reference:

1. The liar avoids mentioning one self.

When liars distort the truth, they tend to avoid talking about themselves. They speak or write about another person as a third person, as if making them a scapegoat and guilty.

2. Liar speech in a non-positive direction.

liars usually say negative things because they feel unknowingly guilty of their own lies. For example, when you and your partner will meet, if you lie, he will say negative words "Sorry I'm late, I'm stuck in traffic because of those stupid people." In fact, he is still at home.

3. Explanation of a relatively short liar.

A liar usually tends to explain a problem simply and succinctly because their brain refuses to think of a complicated lie. Judgment or evaluation is a complex thing that is difficult to quantify.

4. Liars use confusing words.

Although there is a simple explanation, a person who is lying will use a complicated and spinning sentence structure, incorporating excessive words and unreasonable details.

5. Change in sound.

Gregg McCrary or a retired FBI criminal profile, mentions if a person's voice can change when they lie. And if you want to try to detect this way, ask first the typical and easy questions, such as who their name, where the address, when the date of birth or so forth. Only then is the question more challenging and interrogative. Usually when lying there will be a change of voice or their behavior.

6. A liar usually silence yourself.

It seems strange, but silence can be a clue someone is lying. Under normal circumstances, one's body movements are generally more relaxed. But when something goes wrong, the body gets stiffer (not moving much) or the lying person will fold (folding both hands toward the body), as a result of tension or nervousness.

7. Liars usually always look to the left.

Sometimes the eyes of those who lie will look to the left in order to build imagination in their heads. This is not the same as the eyeball looking to the right that indicates someone is trying to remember a memory. The direction of this eye may be reversed in left-handed people. Therefore, the direction of the eye is not a reliable indicator of lies.

8. Liars will closet mouth or eyes.

When speaking the untruths, people will unconsciously put their hands in their mouths. There are even people who turn a blind eye when lying.

9. Liar attitude is often pointing.

The act of pointing at people may also be a sign of lies. Waving your index finger signifies the liar's desire to grab the focus of the other person's attention. Besides, if they point a finger in a different direction from the eyeball saw, they can also lie.

That's how to know the liar's behavior. But you have to be careful, because detecting lies can sometimes be confusing. The professional just sometimes wrong, especially you are less experienced. May be useful....

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