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Do not Bitcoin Investment Pledge, Pay Attention To This Vijay Ayyar (Luno Indonesian)

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 13, 2018 | Sunday, May 13, 2018

Are you planning to invest in digital currencies ... ?, please note the following tips to avoid making misleading decisions.

Bitcoin has become very popular in recent years. it is one of them due to the significant increase in price so that the potential for profits in investing in digital currency that became big.

Whose value tends to increase is due to the absence of a correlation between Bitcoin and other asset classes such as equities, bonds, gold, to real estate.

In addition, another advantage offered by the most popular type of cryptocurrency is the ease in running the money exchange quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.

Although offering a number of conveniences, does not mean investing in Bitcoin can also be done carelessly.

General Manager of Luno (Vijay Ayyar), mentions a company that offers digital assets, has some things to keep in mind by the public before buying Bitcoin in the beginning.

First, the nominal Bitcoin you want to buy, or the amount of money you want to use, must be determined first. He also said that most beginner investors think they should buy a Bitcoin whose value has touched the $ 9000 range.

It causes investors to discontinue their intention to buy the digital assets. In fact Vijay continued, everyone can buy only a small amount of Bitcoin, whatever the value.

Described himself, Claristy as Luno's Chief Operating Officer for Indonesia suggests investing small amounts every month, so the average price of Bitcoin investments can be calculated before being sold for profit. he also admits that people tend to invest in Bitcoin in the long run.

Then, Vijay instructs the public not to use any platform or service that promises a guarantee of profit within a certain period of time.

There is a high probability that the investment scheme is a false investment alias. "In Bitcoin investments, you will not be promised a definite profit, all profits depend on the precise moment of Bitcoin buying and sellingBitcoin investments provide the freedom to determine when the asset wants to be sold or vice versa. "Light He

In fact he also added, it is very important to learn various platforms oerusahaan. "There are a number of platforms that offer services in helping to buy, sell and store Bitcoins, it's important to learn about different platforms or companies." Add it

Furthermore, He said that the platform should be supported by well-known investors, providing a good security system, and easy to use.

That's how you should look if you want to invest through bitcoin. Vijay Ayyar's words hopefully will benefit all of us, especially bitcoin players. Successful greeting always ...

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