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Besides lime, it turns out that these two natural ways are able to drive fire ants from home

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 20, 2018 | Sunday, May 20, 2018

By the time the ants arrive, these little creatures sometimes march into the house and are hard to remove.

To eliminate the fire ants that come home at the time of the season, we can not do haphazardly by spraying insecticide, let alone a very strong poisonous insecticide.

Because using insecticides or ant toxins, of course, affect the health of the body due to the influence of toxins.

But do not worry, all there is a solution that eliminates the fire ants can be done with simple tricks such as using household items such as vinegar, lemon, lime, water, and so forth.

By using this simple way, surely we can protect the kitchen, doors, windows, and terraces from ants that have been lined up.

Maybe we need to try the following ways to get rid of all the ants at home, this is the solution:

1. Chalk.
Keep the ant by drawing a line around the point of entry of ants into the house.

Ants will avoid the consequences of calcium carbonate in chalk, which is actually made up of soil and shrouded in the shells of marine animals.

It is also considered necessary to spread chalk powder, around the plantation crop.

2. Flour.
Put the flour into a line along the back of the kitchen shelf, or wherever we see ants entering the house. Ants will not cross over the flour lines we have made.

The last way, we do not need insecticides or ant traps and the like. Just give it lemon or lemon juice.

Spray lime juice on the door and windows, or by squeezing lemon / lemon juice in every hole and gap where ants enter. Next, spread a small slice of lime peel / lemon around the door and window.

Due to the presence of lemon juice or peel, usually the ant commander who is a pointer will give a message to his friends to avoid the place.

Even lemon / lemon is also effective against cockroaches and lice. The way is simply mix lemon / lemon juice with water to wash the floor. Then observe the reaction, which must be cockroaches and lice will blur, because they hate the smell of lemon / lime. Please try, hopefully useful ...

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