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Be Careful - Do not Get Your Code "SSSS", It's Actually The Meaning of Code in Boarding Pass

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 18, 2018 | Friday, May 18, 2018

Super fast transportation is one of the favorite transportation facilities chosen by many traveler who want to travel.

Especially if it was not for a short travel time, plus the price is affordable and not much different from the executive train. Surely that super fast transport is an airplane.

When going into the plane, usually you will receive a piece of paper called a boarding pass.

It's good we know what the code means on your boarding pass. Do not let any secret code make you suspect.

The bar code must be on your boarding pass. these magnetic stripes will be scanned at each gate. The code helps record how many passengers are boarding the plane, what seat will be occupied, as well as how many bags / luggage are carried.

There is no special rule this code should be located in the boarding pass section next to which. however, the bar code must meet the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an airline trading group that sets criteria for consistency across airlines and countries.

As a Unique Identifier.

Besides bar code, on your boarding pass there will be a unique identifier known as PNR. This code is a tracker for your name as one of the passengers.

The pNR also stores information about food preferences or special requests, which make you unique compared to other passengers. This is one of the reasons not to throw away your boarding passes indiscriminately despite being out of use.

As Number and Flight Code.

Then there is the code and flight number listed on your boarding pass. Usually consisting of two letters representing the preferred airline, followed by four numbers governed by complex algorithms that consider the number of flights in the past and present, as well as things like other airlines with the same sound numbers scheduled forflying through the same airspace at the same time. This helps avoid potential confusion with pilots and air traffic control.

He Is a Lonely Letter.

It will rarely be found but can find this code on your boarding pass. If you find the letter A or F, chances are you are elected to get a seat in the VIP class. It could be because it has become a loyal customer or something else.

And the letter B usually leads to an upgrade. If you previously sat in the economic seat, get ready for a seat in a more comfortable class.

As a Security Code.

The meaning of the code on the boarding pass that must be considered is that related to security. There is no sure way to find out if you are a suspect passenger. However, if you find a "SSSS" sign on your boarding pass, this is a bad sign because "SSSS" means Secondary Security Checkup Options where you are selected for additional review.

This usually happens because you are suspicious or listed in a blocked passenger sign. To avoid this, you can be careful when passing the airport security check.

As a stop sign.

Another sign that can be noticed is the S / O codethis code may appear if you are flying in transit mode.

If the transit occurs over a few hours than it should, the airline will provide a resting place or hotel for you. More details, you can ask this to the flight attendant or airline officer used.

That's what the code on the boarding pass means, knowing you can be careful. Do not get a security code that makes you suspect. Hopefully useful for everything, happy activity ...

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