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A Jim Geovedi figure who can shift satellites

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, May 14, 2018 | Monday, May 14, 2018

Some time ago, Eric Schmidt called the Chinese hackers the most sophisticated, and productive targeting of foreign companies. The statement was quoted from the leaked manuscript of The New Digital.

Talking about hackers, is it true this Chinese hacker is such a tough ...?. Then, what if compared with Indonesian hackers.

Frankly, there is one Indonesian hacker whose reputation is worldwide. His ability, famous for hacking satellites, and he is Jim Geovedi. He (Jim Geovedi) could have stolen important data on bank transaction traffic, corporate financial statements, even observing the state defense system.

In a conversation with Deutsche Welle or a television and radio news agency in Germany, Jim said if only he would easily have him control the internet all over Indonesia. Because between believing and not, Jim challenged to break into the Deutsche Welle site on the spot.

Jim Geovedi is an Indonesian hacker who had time to go back and forth between Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Torino, to Krakow. Had become a speaker of international hacker meetings are often wrapped with the name of a security system seminar.

In a world hacker meeting, Jim was able to demonstrate how to hack the satellite. It can change the direction of motion or even shift the position of the satellite.

He (Jim Geovedi), since 2012 then moved to London. In London, he established an information technology security system company with his colleagues. Jim deals with clients who need satellite, banking and telecommunications system security services. It later became known that he claimed to be interested in developing artificial intelligence computers, but Jim Geovedi refused to be called an expert.

In the interview, Jim would rather regard himself as an observer, or sometimes as an active participant in the art of watching from a distant and secure place.

Another great thing, Jim is not a graduate of the famous School of Information Technology, He is only a graduate of Senior High School in his area.

Jim lives a hard street life in Lampung province as a graphic artist. Luckily a pastor introduced himself with a computer and internet. Since then, Jim Geovedi has been studying autodidactically through the chat rooms of world hackers.

Jim has been highly paid to test the security system to test applications and networks. Jim's clients start from banking, telecommunications, insurance, electricity, cigarette factories and so forth.

In 2004, Jim was asked to help the General Elections Commission because the data center vote count was hacked. Jim was hired to find out who the hacker was. finally thanks to the help of Jim, a hacker named Dani Firmansyah finally arrested security officers in his country.

Then in 2006, Jim was asked to be a speaker on the issue of satellite security systems, and from the speaker that makes his name more familiar to the Hackers.

For several studies, Jim had hacked his client satellites, Indonesian satellites and Chinese satellites. At that time Jim was asked to test the satellite control security system, and shifted and rotates a few coordinates.

At the end of the conversation, Jim says that if he wants to, he can control the internet all over Indonesia. From start diverting traffic (traffic data), observing the traffic coming out or entering Indonesia, even modify all financial transactions.

But Jim thinks more thinking long, doing it all for what ...?. Jim was so grateful for what he already had, that Jim did not have too much material.

Of course, Jim Geovedi is a very dangerous man with all his abilities, but lucky he is not someone who has a negative mind for all the abilities he has.

And hopefully Jim Geovedi has always been blessed with an extraordinary ability for his kindness ... well, good work and always healthy Jim ...

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