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Salt Apparently Helpful For Beauty. Still Not Believe ...?, Read Here ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 07, 2018 | Saturday, April 07, 2018

Salt is an ionic compound consisting of positive ions and negative ions forming a no-load compound. Spice kitchen with a scientific name NaCl is very useful to menyedapkan cuisine.

But behind the benefits of adding the taste of food, salt also has unexpected benefits for the face. Of course this will greatly benefit us because salt is easy to get, the price is very cheap and easy to use.

Many benefits that can be obtained by washing the face using salt water. Besides useful for health, salt also has a share in supporting facial beauty.

By using it regularly then the problems that exist on the skin, especially facial skin will soon disappear, so the face will be as smooth as care at the beauty salon.

1. Eliminate Acne.
Acne is one of the skin problems in the face that is very disturbing appearance, therefore many people who want to immediately remove it when it appears on the face.

Salt water can help get rid of even stubborn acne. Salt can remove impurities on the face and erode dead skin cells so the cause of the appearance of acne can be removed.

2. Controlling the Content of Oil on the face.
Dry skin does make us uncomfortable, but too oily is also not good. excess oil will make dirt and dust more easily stick and make the face becomes dull.

By washing the face using salt water every day, the excess oil content will be resolved soon, without damaging the skin of course.

3. Overcoming Dry Skin on Face.
In addition to controlling the oil on the face, salt water can also keep skin moist so as to avoid dry and scaly conditions.

Even salt water can also be used to treat dry skin throughout the body by bathing with salt water. So do not forget to wash your face with salt water every two days before going to bed so the skin is always in good health.

4. Smooth the Skin.
Facial skin can be rough because of too often exposed to sunlight, dust and pollution. Apparently using salt water and salt grains to wash the face will make the skin becomes smoother.

Salt water removes impurities on the surface of the skin while the salt grains will smooth the skin.

5. Eliminate and Prevent Blackheads.
Blackheads is a pile of dirt, oil and fat in the pores of the skin that makes the pores clogged to form a blackhead.

Although not sick, blackheads can damage the appearance and lower the level of confidence. By washing the face using salt water regularly then blackheads will soon disappear.

6. Brighten Faces.
Face can be dull because it is rarely cleaned, especially if often do activities outside the room. The face will become dirty due to exposure to dust and pollution.

Indeed it can be overcome by washing the face using a special soap clean the face but there is no harm in trying to salt water to remove dirt on the face. Of course it will save expenses because it does not need a special product to do facial treatment.

There are enough benefits to wash face with salt water, in addition to easy maintenance, salt is also easy to find with a very affordable price.

Using it regularly will give maximum results, and of course there are no instant results. Though easy, it takes a lot of patience to use salt water as a daily facial treatment.

Hopefully this article is able to grow confident friends - friends all, and hopefully my friends look beautiful always ...

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