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Owner Country Currency Most Expensive

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 27, 2018 | Friday, April 27, 2018

Why the name of the currency and its value can vary ...?. For those who do not know yet, let us understand a little explanation of the name of these different currencies.

Most of the world's countries have currency names, such as Indonesian state - owned Rupiah, British Pound Sterling, Malaysian Ringgit name of currency, Thai baht and so on.

Since the first, the inter-country one with other countries work together, including also cooperation in the field of economy. Then the countries that cooperate with each other will be interconnected with other state money.

But because the name of the other currency and the nominal is different, then the middle way is followed, namely the exchange rate. The exchange rate itself is defined as the Currency Exchange.


In the explanation of this article, the currency value in each country is different. The difference is due to various causes, one of which is high inflation. So if you want to trade it should not just equate nominal origin.

Therefore, two currencies with the same nominal is not necessarily the purchasing power of goods. For example, buy goods for 1 USD, meaning if at the rate in IDR we need 13.212. IDR or Indonesian country currency shown here based on the latest data for now.

Furthermore, the highest currency in this explanation is not a nominal amount, but high is meant is expensive or strong purchasing power. And which country is the most expensive currency owner ...?, Here's the list:

1. Dinar (Kuwait).
  • The name of the currency of the state of Kuwait is Dinar with the code, and KWD is based on ISO 4217, while the symbol is د.ك In this small but rich country of oil producer this is the highest-value currency in the world. Although small, the country is famous as a rich country thanks to oil mining. With the exchange rate of 1 Kuwait Dinar equal to 3.32 US Dollars, then this country succeed as the holder of the highest currency in the world.
2. Dinar (Bahrain).
  • The official currency name in Bahrain is Dinar. Based on ISO 4217 the code is BHD, and the symbol can be written د.ب. Based on the extent, Bahrain is actually a small country. Its size is about 2.6 from the city of Washington DC. The country is geographically located in the Persian Gulf. What makes this country rich is its oil and purification, as well as its financial and construction services.
3. Rial (Oman).
  • Rial is the official currency name for the country of Oman. The ISO 4217 code for this currency is OMR. And the symbol is ر.ع. Oman or can be officially called the State of the Sultanate of Oman including the Arab country located in southwest Asia on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This location is very strategic because it is located in the mouth of the Persian Gulf.
4. Lati (Latvian).
  • Lati is the name of the official currency for the Latvian country. The ISO 4217 code for Lati is LVL. And the symbol is quite simple that is Ls. Based on Yahoo Currency Converter 1 Lat is equal to 1.61 USD.
5. Pound Sterling (UK & Gibraltar Pound).
  • The UK has an official currency name called Pound Sterling. GBP for its ISO code and its symbol is only one character, that is £. European countries that still do not want to compact using the Euro currency is still using the old currency (Pound Sterling). With a value that is more expensive than the Euro does it mean the decision of this royal state is very appropriate ..?
6. Dinar (Jordan).
  • JOD is the ISO Code for the currency of the Jordanian state. Its name is similar to the currencies of Kuwait and Bahrain. This independent country in 1946 occupies the 6th ladder.
7. Dollar (Cayman Islands).
  • With the name of the same currency and symbol, Dollar and $, does not mean that these islands use the American dollar. Because the Dollar is there its ISO 4217 Code USD, while the one here is KYD. Value problems are also different, Cayman Islands Dollar slightly higher.
8. Euro (Eurozone).
  • Eurozone is a term for the countries of the continent of Europe region using a single currency called Euro. The currency that was introduced in 1999, and officially used in 2002 has a code of ISO 4217 in the form of EUR, the currency is symbolized €.
9. Franc (Switzerland).
  • Country with currency Code ISO 4217 CHF is indeed a prosperous country. In 2011 alone successfully achieved the ranking of the richest country in the world in terms of per capita. The Swiss franc is the same symbol as its ISO Code.
10. Dollar (Bahamas).
  • Dollar name is widely used by many countries including the Bahamas. But actually they are different, for the Bahamian dollar symbol is B $, while the ISO code is BSD. Although different but either accidental or not, after checking the currency exchange rate on Yahoo Currency, between USD and BSD not far difference. Means could be for american dollars included in the order of - 10.
Why are the currencies of those countries converted to US Dollars ...?. Because until now the American dollar is the international currency (The most widely h worldwide), and most often used as a comparison in exchange rates other than Euro, HKD. Thus list the Top 10 Currency Value () in the World.

If there is the most expensive, of course there is also the opposite or the cheapest. And maybe there's the weirdest, the nicest and the other money.


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