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Heart - Heart When Surfing In The World Maya, Your Finger Type Can Be Fateful For The Earth

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 28, 2018 | Saturday, April 28, 2018

In the past we received envelopes containing a letter from someone is a pride, now it may be considered ordinary, on the contrary even feels archaic.

The time machine kept spinning after the epoch of the correspondence with the paper. Cell phones and the Internet are starting to surface. Means of communicating human beings increasing again with the presence of e-mail technology. But are we aware, if the use of e-mail is not entirely good for environmental health ...?.

Quoted via TheWashington Post (Thursday 25/01/2017) then, every email we send adds at least 4 grams of carbon dioxide (C02) in the atmosphere. As a comparison, if we send up to 65 emails, that's the equivalent of motor vehicle pollution driving 1 kilometers away.

In fact not only that, receiving junk e-mail (Spam), although we do not open it still accounts for about 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide. According to environmentalist Mike Berners-Lee, the emissions above are contributed by flaming computers, servers, routers, and other devices.

Wisely Using Energy

Sending e-mails is just one of a long list of daily human activities that are often seen as not contributing to environmental destruction. It turns out typing is not important in the Google search engine can leave a trace of 0.2 grams of carbon Dioxide. As well as sending short messages through the device contributed at least 0.014 grams of Carbon Dioxide.

Guided on the things above, it's good every individual use technology carefully. Every action we do with technology devices is able to leave traces on the destruction of the planet. It can be imagined also how big the impact of environmental damage due to the use of e-mail in a massive professional world, such as offices.

If a building in the business area has 20 floors, and each floor is occupied by one company with the number of each 100 employees, how much carbon dioxide is generated from electronic correspondence activities or typed in the office.

In addition to growing awareness of each individual to utilize technology wisely, true there is still another way to minimize negative access to technology to environmental damage. One of the ways in which a company or a building manager can implement is an environmentally friendly energy management system. For example, with EcoStruxure technology from Schneider Electric.

Through such innovation, the management of electronic equipment and the operation of the building can be controlled as needed. Used energy monitoring can also be done in real-time through the utilization of digital technology (IoT). That way, companies and other businesses can save energy use, as well as play an active role in environmental conservation.

Thus the article that has admin report this, hopefully the future can inspire and benefit the earth, along with all of us who are in it. Have a great activity...

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