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Have You Know When is the Best Time to Invest ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 06, 2018 | Friday, April 06, 2018

Beginner investor candidates usually feel confused choosing an investment instrument. There are many choices of investment products that can be an option for the placement of money earned from the work.

There are high-risk investment products with large returns, there are also products that offer stable benefits.

In addition to a wide selection of instruments, the minds and hearts of beginner investors are also still overwhelmed. They keep asking when to start investing ...?.

This question is so important because you do not want to lose money by putting money at the wrong time. Here are some considerations before you start investing:

Early Investment.

Financial Planners advise you to invest as early as possible. In the opinion, someone who has a first income should be able to start planning to put his money in investment instruments.

Earnings here do not mean the first salary as an employee. One's first income can be obtained from a regular salary when a lecturer assistant on campus or small business online results.

Investment After Healthy Financial Condition.

Note for beginner investors to make initial investments in a hurry. Before investing, make sure the financial condition is in good health.

One indication of healthy financial conditions includes having tactical funds and emergency funds for the next three months.

So, when someone earns the first regular income, what to do is to fulfill the obligations of the bills and the necessities of life, then save for an emergency fund.

Financial planners say, new employees who have a limited income can start to set aside 10 percent of monthly salary to save.

After the savings money reaches three times the monthly income, just start investing. Hopefully inspire, congratulations to success ...

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