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Watch Out If Blood Vessel Happening In The Neck, As a result

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, March 31, 2018 | Saturday, March 31, 2018

The blood vessels around the neck are one of the main blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.

Carotid or CAD artery disease can occur when blockages in one or both arteries reduce the amount of blood flow to the brain and become the main cause of stroke.

Narrowing of blood vessels in the neck actually does not cause signs or symptoms that are too severe, so a little difficult to detect so it can be very dangerous and cause blood vessels to break apart at any time.

But, there are some common signs that can be seen or felt by the patient as a step of anticipation. Here are some of the most common vein constriction symptoms for you to watch out for:

Brain Function Disturbed.
Blood vessels in the clogged neck will cause disruption in the head area such as impaired thinking, dizziness, frequent headaches, difficulty concentrating, difficulty in storing long-term memory and disorders in perception.

Pain On the shoulder.
Neck feels stiff and sore that occurs in the neck and shoulder area also be a sign if the blood vessels in the neck area blockage and not working properly. This should be very wary because it is likely due to high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Hands and Feet Tingling.
Frequent tingling can also occur if there is blood flow that is not smooth from some parts of the body like one in the neck area. This situation can be related also with blood flow in the area of certain organs.

The area of the chest feels sick.
For people with heart, will generally feel the sensation of piercing pain in the chest area caused due to blockage of blood vessels in the heart area which can also be the cause of chest tightness.

But the piercing pain caused can spread to the area around the neck and then cause blood clots also occur in the neck.

Head of Back Sore Dizzy.
In addition to blockage or constriction of blood vessels in the head area, narrowing of blood vessels in the neck can also cause headache often dizzy on the back which usually arise because of cholesterol to form plaque in the blood vessels.

If this is not immediately dealt with seriously, then the blood vessels can rupture and cause stroke and even death.

Kidney disorders.
The kidneys also become one of the vital organs because it is tasked to filter the blood and remove toxins from the body. 

Blood clots that occur in the neck can make the flow of oxygen and essential nutrients can not flow into all the vital organs such as the kidney and ultimately impaired kidney performance.

Problem Vision.
The subsequent symptom of narrowing of blood vessels in the neck area is a decrease of vision as the cause of blurred eyes.

In addition, the person may also miss a full vision of one part of the eye can be right or left and also a sign of the early symptoms of stroke so it requires medical care as soon as possible.

Do not feel.
Numbness is felt on one part of the body can be used as an indicator if you experience narrowing of blood vessels in the neck.

visible signs include one side of the face, arm or leg numb that can not feel the touch or known by numbness and can also be a sign if you experience early or mid stroke.

Body Feels Weak.
The sudden weakness in one part of the body is another symptom of the narrowing of the blood vessels in the neck. 

Patients will likely feel unable to control the limb well or face down and also can not move one side of the body. once again, a medical examination is needed to reduce the damage caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the neck area.

Feeling confused that can occur suddenly also become the next symptom of narrowing of blood vessels in the neck where the patient will feel unbalanced, dizzy and also like to faint. in severe cases, the patient may also be in a coma and thus require immediate medical attention.

Difficult to Swallow.
If you have problems such as the sudden onset of a sore throat, it also becomes a symptom if you have narrowed blood vessels in the neck and also symptoms of a stroke.

The feeling that happens is like there is a piercing or sticking in the throat or swallowing mechanism that no longer works properly.

Night Always Sweating.
Sweating too much or excessively that especially happens at night even when the air is cool to be an indication of the narrowing of blood vessels in the neck.

Causes the body often too excessive sweating that occurs if frequent exercise or heavy activity because the heart is working harder to mempa blood through the narrowed blood vessels in the area of the neck.

Excessive sweating can also occur due to stress, anxiety, obesity and also nutritional deficiencies as occurs also in menopausal women.

The symptoms of narrowing of blood vessels in the neck mostly look like a trivial thing but in fact this is a good indication of caution and should be immediately consulted to the doctor to prevent complications such as stroke, broken blood vessels and stroke. hopefully this article useful for those of you who want a healthy life ...

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