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The kind of promising Property Investment That's Mandatory For You to Know

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 | Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Over the next few years, people are predicted to choose the type of property investment to maintain financial stability. 

Property is a property in the form of land and buildings and over time, the property is considered promising because of its relatively long age.

to be used as long-term investment, the property field has met 3 factors, among others, the potential yield or annual profit; ease in buying, selling, and renting; complexity and cost to maintain the property.

6 types of properties that you can make as an investment:

Vacant land.
Empty land or land lot is one type of property that has long been used as an investment. Usually the land is used as inheritance.

To buy it is not difficult as long as you have confirmed the certificate of land, area, limit, until the ownership. In addition, investing with land is relatively easy because you will not be confused with design affairs or building materials such as for home or shops.

House for rent.
Have more than one house..?. Instead of not occupied in a long time, empty house you can make as property investment. Unlike land, there are many things to watch out for if the house you want to rent.

Call it location, design, number of rooms, until access. The average tenant wants a rental house that is cheap and easy to reach. Mean while, as a leasing party, you must keep the dwelling clean.

Boarding House.
there are two types of rented homes: homes and apartments. Just like a rental home, the board is very dependent on the location.

Boarding house that are close to the office, school, and campus are the most sought after property investment, although the price is relatively high.

Although profitable, you need to consider the rental rate with the facilities and services that will be charged to the tenant. For this, you can compare the price with other boarding hosue.

compared to previous property types, the shop has a higher yield, which is about 6% to 9%/ years. This is because the shop including the type of investment with quick return. 

Factors that influence the high yield on the shop function as a place of business and strategic location, so that clients or customers will easily find it. Then, the rental period is generally not too short or long, ie 3 to 5 years.

Office Units.
This type of investment is not too much and new can you find in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. These investment practices generally take advantage of leased buildings for office needs.

Not much different from shophouses, office units have a high yield, which is about 7% to 10% per year and make it as a quick return investment. You can search for property in the Central Business District to launch this investment.

unlike a few years earlier, rental of apartments is now increasingly encountered. More over, the price is relatively cheaper than ordinary houses with better facilities than boarding.

Then, the system can be adjusted needs, from weekly, monthly, to annual. Most apartments also provide adequate public facilities such as 24-hour minimarts, parks, large parking lots, and adequate security systems.

Similarly an article on 6 types of property investments that you can choose for business. Hopefully useful, successful greetings for everyone ...

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