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No Islands, But Listed In The World Map. Is The Island ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In human history, there are many stories about the "discovery" of a new island that did not exist, but it is said to exist.

Nevertheless, the inventors of the island many have insisted on discovering the islands, even having anchored on the islands.

This makes the existence of these islands is not clear information, there are people who claim the island does not exist, but there are also claiming to have found the islands, some of which even end up on the map.

For today, I have collected such islands. Although when searched is not there, but his name often appears on the map, following the island:

Sandy Island.
Sandy Island is not listed in 2012before that, Sandy sempet island appeared on several maps, including in Google Earth. The island is located between Australia and New Caledonia in the French-controlled Pacific.

The island was noted to have visited the whaling vessel Velocity in 1876 and first appeared in England in 1908. Expeditions to find this island sempet done several times, but always failed until it was removed from the map in 1970.

But Sandy Island still appears on some other maps. In addition, the island also does not appear on the map of France. The absence of this island was also proven by scientists from the University of Sydney.

They get the fact that in the location that should be the location of Sandy island there is only the sea with a depth of 1400 meters.

The scientists believe that what the whaling crew saw, Velocity in 1876 was a floating rock due to the volcanic activity they thought was an island.

Buss Island.
Buss Island is an island that is claimed to exist and is located between Ireland and Scotland which is also declared a fictitious island. The island of Buss was "discovered" by Martin Frobisher, who mistook Greenland for being Frisian.

A ship captain named captain Thomas Shepard also claimed to have landed on the island in 1671 to make England send an expedition team to the island of Buss. In 1776, the island of Buss was declared to have drowned until it was dubbed the "sinking island of Buss."

In 1818, an expedition led by John Ross stated that the island still exists. Despite its maze, the island of Buss continued to appear on the map until it was finally abolished in the 19th century.

Saxemberg Island.
Discovered "in 1670 by John Lindesz Lindemanaccording to Lindeman, the island of Sazemberg is located on the southern side of the Atlantic oceans. The island is flat degan mountain in the middle of the island.

Several further expeditions were made, but in 1801 an Australian navigator named Matthew Flinders claimed he had not found the island.

In 1804, captain Galloway claimed to have found the island, in 1816 the revelation was corroborated by the recognition of the Head captain.

A great general named Alexander Beatson even had time to make detailed reports related to the flora on the island in 1816.the Saxemberg island continued to appear on the map until it was finally abolished in the 19th century.

Dougherty Island.
Dougherty Island is an island "discovered" by captain Daniel Dougherty in the Pacific Ocean on his journey from New Zealand to Canada in 1841.

Some sailors also recognize the existence of the island. But a captain named Captain Scott could not find the island when it passed through Dougherty Island in 1904.

In 1931, a joint expedition between Britain, Australia and New Zealand traveled to Antarctica and passed Dougherty Island, but they could not find it. Dougherty Island was finally removed from the UK map in 1937.

Isle of Demons.
In 1512, Jean-Francois de Roberval, the lieutenant general of New France (now called Canada) sailed into the sea to Canada with three ships.

At that time, he went with his cousin Marguerite de la Rocque whom he left with his lover and servant on the Isle of Demons, which (should) be located on the island of Quirpon which supposedly is inhabited by demons and beasts who will attack anyone who dares to indulge foot tothe island.Why Roberval chose to leave his cousin is still a mystery, but certainly Rocque survived while his lover and his maid did not.

He even had a child, but his son also died on the island. until finally Rocque successfully rescued by fishermen in the year 1544.

Although the Isle of Demons has its own history, the existence of this island remains a mystery until in the 17th century the island was removed from the map. Hopefully open our insight to know more ...

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