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Is it true Virus Antidote Can Cause Laptop Loading Slows ...?.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, March 10, 2018 | Saturday, March 10, 2018

The main antivirus is software created to overcome the virus that causes a software loadingnya slow down.

But have you ever imagine if this one software even make your PC or laptop slow loadingnya ... ?.

In addition to cleaning our laptops from various viruses, antivirus can actually cause laptop loading slows down when running certain activities.

What are those ...? Here are various cases of slowing loading in laptops, which are caused by antivirus.

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1. App Launching.
In addition to various activities when surfing in the virtual world, the presence and use of antivirus can also cause the loading of laptops slow down when starting alias launching a program or application.

Decrease in performance, in this case the speed of loading on laptops decreased 9-15% when starting an application.

2. Loading Website.
In the browsing activity using laptop, have you ever felt the loading process long enough when opened a website ...?. It can certainly be caused by the antivirus you use.

In fact, the presence of antivirus can also cause a decrease in the speed of loading a website on a laptop up to 11-16%.

3. Install the Application.
The use of antivirus was causing a decrease in performance loading speed on the laptop, the largest for this one activity. 

Surely, the presence of antivirus on your laptop was causing a decrease in rotation speed as much as 26-35% when you try to install an application or program.

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4. Copy File.
In addition to the things already mentioned, one more activity on your laptop leads to slow down because of the existence of antivirus that is when copying files.

True, during the process of moving files, either from one folder to another folder or from one disk to another disk to copy or receive files between devices, of course the process will experience a decrease in speed of 7-18%.

5. Download Application.
In addition to opening a website, antivirus facts can also cause a decrease in loading speed on the laptop when downloading applications or programs.

True, the use of antivirus can cause a decrease in laptop performance when downloading applications as much as 3-4%.

Thus the various causes of slow loading of laptops due to the use of antivirus. Does your laptop experience any of the above ...?. Although such, it does not mean you should stop using antivirus.

Because this software is still important to keep your laptop from malicious virus and malware attacks. Thank you, hopefully useful.

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