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Among the 8 Ancient Items, Americans Also Still Wear It.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, March 11, 2018 | Sunday, March 11, 2018

Modern era like today, technology needed human to simplify his work. The development of technology is also not unstoppable anymore, because almost every day there must be new technology introduced to the world.

Technology - the technology is very sophisticated designed using the latest version to replace the old technology.

However, what happens if the technology that is currently still outdated or antiquity ..?. The technology can still function what is not yes .. to help human work ... ?.

The answer can still function even still used by humans today, the following ancient technologies that are still used up to now:

1. Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95.
Windows 98 or Windows 95 may not be friends find again in modern times as it is today. Never mind the two Windows, Windows XP alone is very difficult to find, given the presence of Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Even so, class companies in the Pentagon still use Windows XP, 98, and 95 for its operations. Logically, the Pentagon could have bought Windows and the most advanced technology. However, they are too comfortable with the three windows. So they keep wearing all three while operating.

2. AOL Dial - Up Internet.
Dial-up technology is really old technology because it can not access the internet as friends - friends do today. Let alone access social media, watching Netflix just can not.

But, make no mistake first friends, because although ancient technology is still used by 2.3 million citizens of USA. Please note, citizens who use this technology do not live in urban areas, but in rural or remote areas.

3. Cassette Tape.
Several decades ago, Tape may still be popular in the community. But no longer at this time, want to hear just MP3 friends can play Linkin Park, Scoorpion or even play radio broadcast via smartphone.

Even so, the national audio owner Steve Stepp mentioned that he managed to sell 100,000 tape cassette in 2016, this means showing if Tape is still widely used by the community.

4. Fax Machine.
In the modern era today still wearing fax machines ... ?, do not be mistaken friends, although old technology is still widely used in hospitals in the USA and other countries.

This fax machine, usually used to transfer patient data to different hospitals, ranging from identity, type of disease, to the drugs needed for the healing process.

It is a long time ago, but its function is no less great when compared with the latest digital technology. After all, fax machine shipments are also very secure and rarely spread to other clients.

5. Nokia 8210.
The popularity of resilient mobile phone began to fade, it is due to the presence of Android or iPhone more sophisticated. However, there are still people or agencies that use mobile phones "resilient" to support their daily activities.

One such resilient mobile phone is the Nokia 8210. Based on the phrase Vice, this phone is still in demand because of the game that rarely found rarely in today's smartphones.

6. Generation Processor 1990.
Despite the technology before the millennium, processors in 1990 could still be the best choice to strengthen the systems on a PC or PC friends.

The processors should not be underestimated, given the enormous benefits in human life, primarily related to outer space.

7. Floppy Disk.
To store and transfer data from one computer to another, present a floppy disk. This storage media used to be famous in the 1960s, but still to this day still used.

The moment that happens in the life of friends either photo or video, can be recorded into a floppy disk even save it well.

8. Paging.
It is said The Guardian, pager to be one of the technology stau dahul era that is still used in the USA. Despite the old techology, there are many advantages that friends can gain with this technology.

Such a sturdy design and durable batteries. When compared with smartphones, pagers are still far superior in terms of battery resistance.

That's the technology of antiquity that is still used until now. May we say the technology of antiquity, but do not forget also to see the quality and benefits of the technology.

Whereas although ancient technology, he is no less great with modern technology during the current millennium. Hopefully always useful ....

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