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Wife, Husband or Girlfriend Cheating ... ?, Use These 6 Best Applications To Prevent It.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the Play Store, we can find a wide range of multifunctional applications. In the Play Store there is also a spy application (Application to prevent wife and boyfriend having an affair).

Even besides being used to spy on a cheating wife, husband or boyfriend, spy applications can also be used to monitor something important, and the app is like a detective or intelligence for you.

Here are 6 best applications commonly used by many people to spy on a wife, husband or girlfriend who cheated on or not.

These applications can be installed on your Android or Tab, let's look at the application:

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1. Ip Cam Viewer.
  • This amazing app, allows its users to view and control IP Cameras, DVRs, Video Recorders, Web Cam traffic, CCTV, or Web Cam computers by simply using Android devices remotely. You will also get a notification to detect motion on the device. The Ip Cam Viewer automatically records when it detects the intended movement.
2. Spy Camera OS.
  • This one application allows users to take photos via android camera secretly. Spy Camera OS will take photos without opening the camera interface, turn off the sound, and also flash. The application is suitable for those of you who want to spy on a wife, husband or girlfriend who is suspected of having an affair or relationship with other 3rd party.
3. Automatic Call Recorder.
  • You want to record a conversation on suspicious phone ... ?, you can use Automatic Call Recorder. The app will run automatically every time you make or receive a phone call. Automatic Call Recorder will record the entire conversation that has been done on the mobile phone.
4. Ear SpyIni.
  • Good app to record sound even if it's just a small sound. With Ear Spy, you can place a cell phone in a room, and monitor it with bluetooth earphones from another room. The sound played can also be recorded very clean and clear.
5. Hidden Eye.
  • Have you ever wondered who is trying to use a cell phone when not in your hands, or when you go out for a while ...?. Friends, wives, husbands, girlfriends and your family may have tried to unlock your cell phone. And this is where the role of Hidden Eye will help the problem, this application allows your camera's front camera secretly photographing people trying to use your cell phone.
6. Monitor Call Sms Location.
  • Last or sixth is a good spy app to monitor SMS, photos, locations, and call lists. Monitor Call Sms Location will determine the location of the targeted device through the web portal even though the GPS on the target device is disabled. Good is not ....?, Meaning the application can help your problem about the suspicion that hit during this time.
Thus around information spying with the 6 best applications on android. In essence, which one is most useful to you ... ?, all options are in your hands, do not let your suspicion problems over time drag on, because later it will certainly culminate in solving the concentration of work or effort that is being done. Happy work, good luck always ...

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