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Videos or Photos on Facebook Unintentionally Deleted ... ?, Here's how to Restore it ... !!!

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For certain people, Facebook is the best place as a storage media memories.

Various precious moments are always shared to Facebook, it is because it feels safer than storing in other media places. Could you be one of those people who always keep memories on Facebook ...?

As long as you use Facebook, certainly not counting the number of photos and videos that have been posted or shared.

The question for you ....?. From the number of photos or videos posted it ever or not ..., you accidentally deleted photos that have been posted or shared this ...?. If ever, here there is an easy way to restore accidentally deleted photos on Facebook:

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How To Return Unintended Photos In Facebook.

Deleting a photo on your facebook account can happen because you are stressed, annoyed, or may also be removed by a rented hacker who does not like your photo memories.

You want to restore it because it feels the photo or video is the most important thing in the history of life ...?. He replied that you can do.

This is because all photos sent to Facebook are stored on the server. So even if your photo or video is accidentally deleted from your Facebook album, you can still restore it as it was.

Restoring deleted photos or videos on a computer is the easiest, namely the Recycle Bin solution. But what if this photo or video is in Facebook ...?, and it also still can even though it is in facebook account.

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The trick is you have to ask it directly to the Facebook. Techniques to request or return it, namely:
  • Open and Login to your Facebook account, then go to Settings menu - General Settings. Further on the bottom, you will see the option Download a copy of your Facebook data, click its link.
  • Next step, please click Download Archive.
  • For security reasons, the archive of your Facebook data is not necessarily directly downloadable, but you must pass the verification phase. And you must enter the password of your Facebook account. After that just click Start My Archive.
  • When completed, Facebook will send the archive download link to the email address you registered. Then, once in the click, you have to verify the password again. If appropriate, then download any archive you can start.
  • If it is downloaded, you just extract the file. Step onward, find the photo or video you need.
  • Last follow the instructions and finish.
  • So admin tell me about how to restore accidentally deleted photos in your Facebook account.

  • It can also be used to facilitate the search for photos on Facebook if you are lazy to do so when your internet connection condition is On. May be useful....

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