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Nuclear Facility (Super Computer) Used by Russian Engineer Bitcoin Mine (Criptocurrency)

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, February 11, 2018 | Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bitcoin mining is one way to get Bitcoin. As many have previously noted, Bitcoin can be seen as a large global cash system and keeps the history of transactions (Movement of money) from one person to another.

When Bitcoin transactions are processed on the Bitcoin network, meaning Bitcoin is being transferred from one person to another, one needs to make sure that all transactions are properly recorded and the cash system has been synchronized throughout the universe.

Still related to Bitcoin, the process is not done by individuals or companies, but by thousands of computers around the world connected to the internet.

Such computers are known as miners or miners. Simply put, they are computers that process every transaction.

To perform the process in a safe way, the computers need to do complex calculations that take a very large computing effort, so it takes a lot of energy as well as sophisticated special tools.


Someone owners of these computers, need to pay for the tools and electricity mining, so they should get compensation from all the business and money spent to support this network.

They get compensated through the newly mined Bitcoin. Then the new Bitcoin is mined. acting as a reward and an incentive for those who contribute to the transaction processing support system.

Bitcoin or digital currencies with cryptographic technology, has recently made people in the world stunned. This year, the value of one Bitcoin reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah. The amount of Bitcoin's price is one of them caused by the mechanism of demand and supply that occurred.

Due to the high price of digital currency (Bitcoin) this makes everyone interested in him to be self-forget, even though his steps to do mining include dangerous for his country, but still He did because of the high influence of the bitcoin price.

As happened in the western world, where bitcoin mining they do through the facility of Super Nuclear Computers in order to get the number of digital currency, alahasil miner bitcoin known to hold the engineer of Russia must deal with the authorities in the country.


The following alerts one of the national media in Indonesia which mentions miner bitcoin done through the Russian State's Super Nuclear facilities, the following excerpt:

Russian authorities arrested several engineers employed in a secret nuclear weapons facility for engaging in the mining of cryptocurrency including bitcoin. They used one supercomputer to collect bitcoins and other virtual coins.

The engineers work at the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, a secret Russian nuclear weapons facility located in Sarov.

The heavily guarded nuclear facility is where the first Soviet nuclear bomb was built. According to the BBC report, there are about 20,000 employees and one of the strongest supercomputers in the country is there.

The supercomputer can operate on one petaflop or perform quadrillion operations per second. It's ideal to run nuclear scientific calculations and simulations.

According to some Russian media reports, the employees are trying to use supercomputing power to mine cryptocurrency. However, their actions are detected when trying to connect a machine that is normally offline to the internet.

Mineing a virtual coin is an activity to collect cryptocoin without paying. But it requires a lot of computer power and energy.

Mining bitcoin activities and digital currencies are now a world trend. Mining miners are struggling to compete with major operations involving supercomputers, especially supercomputers from nuclear facilities.


"There has been an attempt to use unauthorized office computing capacity for personal purposes, including for what it calls mining". A spokeswoman for the facility told Interfax news agency quoted on Saturday (10/2/).

Here is the complete link in the Indonesian language: Click Here

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