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Here Your Investment Can Achieve 10% Profit Every Day, Read More ....

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good afternoon ... everyone ..., today Hanny or Melissa will share the experience of investing, before going any further, let's know in advance the meaning of the investment.

Investing is spending a sum of money or saving money on something in the hope of one day getting financial benefits.

Examples of investments are purchases of financial assets such as bonds, stocks, insurance. It can also purchase goods such as cars or property such as homes or land.

More broadly, investment can mean the purchase of capital goods for production in a business such as the purchase of machinery.

Even the provision of education and training for employees who make more proficient in work can be regarded as an investment. The similarity of all investments above is the expectation of gain (Gain) in the future.


The investment that we will discuss here is an investment in the form of financial assets in the form of Criptocurrency that occurs in the money market, and commodity futures market, among the many criptocurency investment places that there is one in Yobit via the Invest Box menu.

To note, Yobit is a market that comes from Russia, coins traded in yobit is very much when compared with other markets. Without a long time we just discuss how to invest through the menu InvestBox Yobit.

1. Have Account In Yobit.
  • The first thing you have to do is register Yobit.
2. Start Investing In Yobit.
  • Deposit balance to yobit to buy coins to be invested, as for the balance in the deposit may be with BTC, Dogecoin, ETH, Waves or USD. For USD shipping via Payeer or Perfect Money account, while for BTC, Dogecoin, ETH and Waves shipping to Yobit can be through any other wallet you have.
  • To find out the deposit address in Yobit, go to the menu wallets on, select the coins to be deposited, then select +.
  • Once the balance goes into Yobit, redeem the balance deposited earlier to one of the coins that will be used to invest, for example you will try to invest LIZA coins. to trade / buy can be done by way of trading.
  • Example: Andi deposits Dogecoin from Faucethub.io to Yobit, after dogecoin goes to Yobit, Andi opens Market menu and select Dogecoin, search LIZA (LIZA / Dogecoin), make LIZA purchase with existing Dogecoin balance. Why choose LIZA ...?, because LIZA at the time this article is made the price continues to rise and with LIZA investment you can get 10% LIZA every day, and LIZA price at this writing is not too high.
  • Once you have the coins to be invested (For example LIZA). Go to the Invest Box menu.
  • Select LIZA, enter the amount of liza to be invested (minimum 10 LIZA), but you must remember, leave 1 LIZA to do Play Dice. Example: Michael has 28.4 LIZA, the investment is 27.4 LIZA only, then 1 LIZA stays in account. So special coin investment BTC, ETH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH, WAVES, BTG and LIZA, you must do Dice, if not then on that day you will not get investment return.
  • Next, Click Invest.
  • Then it will look countdown 24 hours, then after the countdown is complete, then you will get a daily investment of LIZA by 10% (With the condition of playing Dice).
  • Do not forget before the 24-hour Timer is over, you play Roll Dice every day (Day 1 Roll Dice, 1 play = 5 times roll), go to Dice menu.
  • Check Show My Bets Only, select the coins we invest (LIZA), Bet / Bets placed with the smallest nominal, so balance 1 LIZA in the account does not run out fast, for LIZA Bet in 0.00000001 LIZA, then choose Play now, Roll up to you, do at least 5 times Roll. Suggestions Hanny or Melissa do 7 times Roll / day.
  • When the timer backs off 24 hours, then you will get LIZA Investment result, and Timer will be repeated from 24 hours again, then play Dice again. That's the next every day.
3. Profit from Invest Box.
  • The profit you get from Invest Box can be seen in Packet Dx table, with Payment event.
  • For example: Today Toni has 27 LIZA coins invested, the next day LIZA becomes 30, so profit is 3 LIZA. Toni does not make close investments, so LIZA will continue to spin and profit every day will go up because that is invested also more every day.
  • Profit you get can also be withdrawn anytime, suggestions Hanny or Melissa if you want to withdraw investment results at least after 2 weeks of investment, this so that the amount of coins in the results can be tolerable.
  • For example: Tina invested 27 LIZA, 2 weeks later LIZA became 100. So Tina's profit is 100 LIZA - 27 LIZA = 73 LIZA. do a close investment, then 73 LIZA investment (profit) is sold to USD, so the price is stable, and that is profitnya. Then the remaining 27 LIZA, back in invest. Investment returns are not entirely to be sold, some can be used as investment capital.
  • You can make close investments at any time. Hanny or Melisa suggest close done if the coin in the investment has been increased.
4. Telegram Invest Box Group.
  • There are some telegram groups specializing in Investbox at Yobit, please join to get the latest info about Invest Box at Yobit.
  • For the record: Coins invested do not have to be LIZA, LIZA is for example because when this article is made Market LIZA is good at Yobit. Please join the telegram group above to see the development of LIZA or other digital currencies that can be invested through Investbox.
And use the "free" money to invest, do not use money for daily needs or from savings that you have planned for other important things. And so I explain about InvestBox in Yobit, hopefully useful for you, as well as success always ....


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