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Here Just 5 Minutes, You Can Have New Blog For Business.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, February 26, 2018 | Monday, February 26, 2018

Blogs are another word of the web, usually more personal but not limited by a certain scope. This means blogs can discuss anything, are flexible and a non-formal place to share information.

Blog is not expensive, friends - friends who want to create a free blog in just 5 minutes, easy really, want to know how ....?, Let's continue reading this article until it runs out.

Why should read to the end, because if friends - friends read it to the end of the article, then friends - friends can be sure to create a free blog in just 5 minutes, but if otherwise or not until the end of the article means the failure is on friends all.

Before getting into the topic how to create a free blog only takes 5 minutes, there are some important facts that must be friends know that if only make a free blog, how very easy. But for a successful blog, it is not easy.

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Probably one of the factors why friends are interested in becoming bloggers, must have been to visit some of the big blog sites around the world, then be amazed and interested in them. Whatever the reason, if friends want to create a free blog, friends - friends are in the right place and right.

Steps Create a blog ... !!!

1. Visit the blogger.com site. Display this new blogger, sometimes confusing for those of you who once made a blog on blogger. However, you should not be confused, because creating a blog in the new or old look in principle the same.

2. Next, click Create Your Blog.

3. Then you are required to login first using gmail. If you do not already have a gmail account, you can create a gmail account first. If you have then enter the email from the gmail account you have created, then click Next.

4. Then enter the gmail password you have created it. Next, click Sign in.

5. Before going to blogger, you will be directed to create a profile Google Plus or blogger first. in this tutorial I will also help you create a Google+ profile, click Create Google+ Profile.

6. Fill in accordance with your data, then click Create Profile.

7. In this step, you can change the avatar you want through the plus sign, then select the image you want to use as the avatar, then Click Save. Or you can skip this step by clicking skip button.

8. Next, you only need to confirm the google plus profile you have created. By clicking Continue to Blogger.

9. Now you have logged in to the blogger dashboard in the new look. To create a blog, you can click the Create new blog button

10. Then enter the blog data you want to use.
  • Fill in the name of the blog you want to use.
  • Next, the contents of the blog URL you will use.
  • And the contents of the blogger template that will be used by you later.
11. Then, make sure the blog address you use has the status of blog address available, so that the button to create a blog can be clicked. But if your URL address is not available, then the blog button will be disabled (Can not be clicked), meaning search for another name that has never been used at all. So, enter the URL address you want, to have a description of this blog address is available. Then click Create Blog.

12. Up to this stage, friends have successfully created blogs on bloggers. Congratulations ... !!!

13. To see what kind of blogs you have created, your friends can click on the View Blog button.

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Getting to Know the Function of an Existing Menu On Blogger.

1. In the new blogger view, there will be some differences laying menus in the blogger dashboard. And that I will introduce the following is a menu function found on bloggers in the new look.

2. Post displays all posts contained on your blog, posts that have been published and which are still draft. In this menu, you can also delete multiple posts at once quickly.

3. Statistics Displays the number of visitors daily and monthly your blog. In this menu you can also see the source of visitors statistics. Of course, the data in the display through this menu is quite accurate, as a parameter to know the success of your blog.

4. Comments on this menu you can moderate incoming comments, you can approve, cancel and even delete comments coming from visitors.

5. The campaign displays the Adwords menu. You can promote your blog with this Adwords. To be able to use Google AdWords services you are required to pay first.

6. The page displays the number of pages on your blog, pages that are still draft, and pages that have been published.

7. Layout displays the layout of your blog. Here, you can add or remove widgets as you wish on your blog.

8. The template displays the settings in your blog template. To edit, change your blog template, and so forth you can do here.

9. Settings display advanced settings on your blog, such as basic settings, posts and comments and so forth you can do here.

How do I create a post in the new blogger view ...?.

To create new articles / posts friends can see the following tutorial:

1. Click the Post menu, then will display the new Entry button, click the button.

2. Before you start writing there are some menu buttons, or navigation you need to understand as follows:
  • Title of your Post / Articles.
  • There are 2 modes of writing content contained in blogger, including compose mode and HTML mode. By default, the content writing mode uses compose mode.
  • Formatting menu toolbar used for text processing on your content.
  • Useful buttons to publish, save, or preview your content.
  • Content settings, such as providing labels / categories, permanent links to your content and so on.
  • Write your content.
  • If the content or article has been completed, you can press the Publish button
Changing Blog Template in Blogger.

Well, this is where the final key to blogs only takes 5 minutes. Then, replace the original template default blogger, usually the template that has been provided in the blogger less interesting.

Indeed, the template provided by bloggers is less interesting, but we can also change the original template this blogger default as desired, and certainly will become more interesting again. Therefore, friends - friends can change blogger template in accordance with the desire, here's how:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard and select Template menu.
  • Inside the Template page, delete all native blogger original scripts.
  • Next if the script you copied or copied from the box above has been done, then Paste or Paste the script on the Blogger Template page, then click save settings.
  • But before that, replace the above script that has been given a good botton yellow and red color blog name, blog title, and url address of your blog. For example - Name: Michael, Author: Online Business, Url: http: //www.onlinebusiness.com/
  • Do not forget to search all the way to the bottom to change the red color or url blog address, to become your blog completely.
  • To see if your blog template has changed. Please click View Blog menu.
  • Done.
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Please Note:
  • Here the admin tells you that the free blog you have created with the script above, please not to be misused (Doing negative things). Use the free blog that you created it, to earn money (Money) is positive through the blog.
  • Admin also suggests, if the article or business that you manage through the blog has been successful, admin suggestions buy Domain through www.blogger.com. How to buy this domain is simply click Settings - Basic in your blogger account each - each, and select the domain ending com with the price of approximately tens of dollars / year. Thank you, good luck ...

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