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If all this time you are an internet user, of course you never input your personal data for example e-mail account application, or even transact through internet media or cool language called e-commerce.

As has been widely discussed by people before, transactions via the internet will greatly facilitate the user without having to bother to do extra business as happened in physical transactions. But behind the ease of stored technology the potential danger of huge financial losses.

The number of internet users who make online transactions into land the perpetrators of cyberfraud or carder. This is of course very alarming and frightening for Internet users, especially as at this time the number of online transactions that require sending personal data either in the form of identity cards or so forth.

Usually these deals apply to online trading such as Game games, Bitcoin (Criptocurency) or other Trade that must use personal data, as a result without us knowing through the identity of the cyber criminals started the crime.

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Buying and selling online must use the Bank Account, because with the bank account the transaction will be processed online, where the money of a buyer who will pay a product will be sent to the seller according to price or nominal agreed by both through bank account number the.

But behind the transactions that we have often done in buying and selling online, sometimes the intent of the perpetrators of cultivation by utilizing the transaction history we have done in the previous day.

The perpetrators of this crime are likely to track our registration history, after they have found the history or identity of our registration, the indication is that they start the action by draining the balance in our bank account.

Therefore, be careful with our identity or personal data related to bank account number and password, especially password.

As an input for all of us, if you want to use a password for bank account do not use the date of birth, name or relating to our identity, if you can use alphabet letters or numbers unrelated to the identity we have, but do not forget the password should be remembered or recorded in the diary so as not to forget in the future.

Cases of dumping out balances or emptying of bank account balances without the owner's knowledge may well have occurred in this world.

But sometimes this case happens not for anyone, it could happen due to self-neglect of self-belief to others by intentionally or unintentionally notify the password of our bank account, even though we know it is the beginning of disaster that will befall.

In addition to our negligence, the vacancy of bank account balances can also be assumed as a result of the act of irresponsible person, human error, or error of the banking electronic facilities, thus causing the loss of our account balance.

And it could also cause the occurrence of the problem of the disappearance of account balances that we have it caused by the act of hackers or ulah ourselves who notify the key or bank account password to others earlier.

Losing money or balance in our bank account is very painful, let alone the balance is the only treasure in the form of money that we will use to pay off debts to other people, of course it is more painful again.

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Therefore, be careful with the balance or the money in our account, if you can do regular checking (Print Out Book Account) once a week to ensure or as evidence that the money is there and recorded in our account book.

Hopefully in this way, the case of the disappearance of the balance in the bank account does not occur especially against ourselves, or as experienced by our other brothers in the national media coverage in Indonesia below, following the quotation of the news:

The balance of a customer's account suddenly decreases drastically without knowing the cause. The incident was shared by his friend in an upload on Facebook, Thursday (8/2/2018).

Based on the explanation in the upload, the amount of the lost balance reached IDR 18 million. The money is taken 4 times in 4 days in a row.

Once reported to the bank where he keeps the money, it turns out the bank is said to have received similar reports from hundreds of customers.

The following is a complete account written by the user account Herlin Ibn Khosyim:
"Important info: Innalilahi wainailaihi rajiuun
Yaa Allah hopefully his money can fast back yes miss Nita.
My friend was depleted, the money was mysteriously lost from savings BRI SIMPEDES.

The total is about 18 million umpteen, which is taken 4 times for 4 days in a row.

After reporting to BRI CENTER in Benhil (Bendungan Hilir, red) Jakarta, the bank stated that many have received the same report, almost hundreds of customers like the case of my friend.

And the flow of money is still being investigated, to this day there has been no clarity who the person behind this crime.

I want to pesen aja with all friends who have accounts, especially BRI please be careful.

Always print a savings book a maximum of 1 time a month to avoid the things that are not desirable.

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And to anticipate (Just in case) You can also register your mobile number to the nearest BRI to always get a notification SMS every transaction from our account. Hopefully useful, "wrote Herlin. (Tribun/ auth)

More details, this Source link news: Click Here

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