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Although Free, WhatsApp Can Stay Tens of Billion. Know How ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Has it ever crossed your mind if WhatsApp is free, then sourced from which profits they get ... ?.

Through this paper, let's together we find out more about their actions.Surely we already know that earlier this year WhatsApp take bold steps with menggratiskan service.

Prior to that, the messaging services acquired by Facebook charge a fee of $ 0.99 each year, for those users who use it.

What is the reason WhatsApp is free ...?

Of the numbers reaching 1 billion users, WhatsApp it does not charge at all from users.Instead of having to charge a fee of approximately 13 thousand rupiah each year, they want everyone to be able to use the service for free.

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Based on search results, the decision to eliminate users, WhatsApp also stick with its idealism by not displaying ads as a source of income.

Whatsapp thinks that advertising is always a barrier and not user-friendly in terms of appearance.

Furthermore, What Can From WhatsApp Advantages ...?

Since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook ... they certainly now have a very strong funding subsidy from the parent company. Facebook seeks to change WhatsApp to be one means that connecting business / business with the customer.

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How can that happen ...?. Still remember with LINE who cooperate with various companies in providing booking feature directly from LINE chat column ...?. Then most likely, WhatsApp will also do the same.

Business to customer service experiments were never discourse by CEO of WhatsApp namely Jan Koum. He hopes that Someday WhatsApp can be used as a tool to check bank accounts, airline departures, and other things that are useful to the public.

The big plan of the whatsapp is not yet clearly visible overall, but that is the most likely predictor of future income for WhatsApp. Money will come in when another company wants to work with WhatsApp and integrate its services into the app.

And we just wait, when cooperation with other companies will take place. Whether it's in the near or the long term, but it is likely to happen. What do you think with everything on this Whatsapp ...?.

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