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4 Bitcoin Producing Games That Can make You Much Money

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, February 17, 2018 | Saturday, February 17, 2018

The famous virtual currency on the internet is bitcoin, though actually bitcoin has existed long ago.

The value of bitcoin is no less great than the real-world currency, but the value or bitcoin price is not always fixed but continues to decrease and increase, besides bitcoin there is also a weakness about the increase and decrease in prices that we can not guess.

So, how to get bitcoin ... ?. To get bitcoin you can use a variety of ways, ranging from buying, through bitcoin-generating applications, or through bitcoin-producing games like some games that we'll explain in this article.

And of course the bitcoin you've got can be sold - buy it for, like some suddenly rich people just by playing bitcoin recently.

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For those who want to try the game, it's just playable, who knows you're lucky in the game, following Android game bitcoin producer that can make you a lot of money:

1. Coin Flapper.
  • Coin Flapper arguably a game similar to Angry Bird game. In the game "Coin Flapper" the players are only assigned to fly birds only, but there are also challenges or obstacles that must be ready to face.
  • From the winnings, you will be rewarded with a virtual currency (Bitcoin). Although it looks simple, winning this game is not easy
2. Flap Pig.
  • Flap Pig is a fairly simple Android game, and also this game gives players the rewards of bitcoin. Flap Pig game is very easy even because of the ease you can play only with your eyes closed.
  • To get the bitcoin from this "Flap Pig" game, you are required to win the game. If you already feel enough to produce enough bitcoin then you can do Pay Out. Although easy, it does not mean you can easily get tens to hundreds of bitcoins, of course all need a process.
3. Blockchain Game.
  • Blockchain Game can be said to be a brain teaser game, so it certainly takes the right thinking to complete the mission in this game. The players are only assigned to compile something, simple but takes no time.
  • In Blockchain Game there are also several levels, and you can gradually finish. Problem gifts to be gained, you do not need to worry, because Blockchain Game will also reward a bitcoin large enough for players who successfully complete the game in every level.

4. Bitcoin Billionaire.
  • Android game is the last bitcoin producer is Bitcoin Billionaire. Bitcoin Billionaire also offers a tantalizing reward, where you will be given free bitcoin on condition that you have to play it properly and according to the instructions.
  • This game is also fairly simple but quite draining thinking. For those of you who are intent on finding bitcoin for free then game "Bitcoin Billionaire" can be the most appropriate solution.
  • Thus explains Android game bitcoin producer that can make you a lot of money. And for those of you who are intent on collecting bitcoin but do not have the capital, then the four games above can be the most appropriate solution for you.
  • Let's play the game ..., good luck ...

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