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Some people judge, to have a collection of certain objects and made a hobby to spend hundreds or even millions of dollars, is unreasonable.

But unlike those who like to collect it, the collectors of certain objects or commonly called collectors is willing to spend more money, just to complete the type of collections owned. Certainly not a collection of objects such as diamonds or gold, friends.

Therefore, if you have money that is not worth anymore in the purchase, better do not hurry to exchange it, just save it first and who knows the old money collectors dare to pay expensive going forward.

So once again the authors say, if you keep the old money shards either in the form of paper money or coins do not quickly changed hands, who knows the ancient money could be luck for you in the future.

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Classical or antique music instruments such as Piano, Guitar and Violin, can cost millions of dollars. One of them, the violin instrument of 1707 made by Antonio Stradivari, the instrument was auctioned in 2006 and priced at $ 3 million.

To that end, if you are the creative ladies or like to keep certain things like ancient and unique objects, or unintentionally have some unique and ancient objects rarely owned by others, you indirectly have applied investment techniques.

Where some of the ancient and unique objects you have it, in the future will surely be the target of collectors who want the adequacy of the collection, even the price may also double from the moment of purchase price you do.

And who would have thought that these ancient, unique and precious objects exist between your savings, let's know what kind of things:

1. Old Money (Ancient Money).
Do not misjudge, old money or old money even if the value is only 1 Sen and 1 Dollar, possibly can be thousands of times the original value, especially if in good condition and have a unique serial number.

Fans of old money or ancient money until now more and more. For, in addition to knowing the value of the history of a nation's journey, this ancient money also describes the state of the country at that time of the day.

2. Old Car.
Are you embarrassed driving an old car ...?. You need to know, cars that are old age can be worth tens of times the original price when you buy it. Even for cars that are classified as old and rare, and still use the original spare parts, the value can reach hundreds of times the original price.

If you use the term antiques, the older the more expensive, the older cars can also be more valuable.So what should be embarrassed to use old cars, as long as you care and maintain the spare parts of the factory, would someday attract interest Collector to buy it.

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3. Ancient Musical Instruments.
Ancient musical instruments should not be underestimated, because the musical instrument if rarely seen and old age must have high selling value, let alone this instrument has its own historical meaning for the country maker.

In addition to Piano, Guitar and Violin, pieces of Black Plates played with Gramaphone, can also be categorized into high-value musical instruments.

Because, the Black Vinyl (Vinyl) is a music recorder in the 1950s, which is now regarded as a valuable musical instrument for music lovers with a round of tools.

Black disk is believed to have valuable historical value, especially in the music industry, its value would depend on the singer itself.

Then the most important if this record would be fantastic value, must be maintained, not scratched, not crack let alone broken. Do not forget to take care of my friends .. !!!.

Not only can you know the history of the country's journey or expand the insight through the images contained in it, but the stamps are also capable of being a high-value item.

For people who are not philatelic, getting a stamp for hundreds of dollars to fill the collection is certainly a waste.

But different for those collectors, spending money up to hundreds of dollars is considered just ordinary. Because according to the collectors, stamps are historic objects that should not be ruled out.

For those of you who are still youthful, from now on is the opportunity to collect many stamps, the possibility of postage stamps with previous editions appreciated multiplied by the collectors, from the price when you buy it.

5. Books.
Old year-old books have a special attraction for collectors of books, plus if they were the original writings of famous figures at the time.

The older the publication year, the higher the price of the book, of course, as an example of Harry Potter book with British publishers.

Harry Potter book is auctioned for £ 20,000, the expensive first series of books J.K. Rowling about the wizard boy, is a scarcity of print errors on the back cover of the book, where the second "O" is not in the English edition of the word "Philosopher's" ("Acclaim for Harry Potter and The Philospher's Stone").

Then that makes this book valuable, too, that is the countdown number from 10 to 1 on the back page.

This means you can imagine, such Harry Potter books can be high selling point, especially for the classic book that is very old, of course can be more expensive than this book.

It is the author's publication about the kinds of things that can be of high value in the future, In essence, From now on you have to be careful with these objects, the key must be patient and diligent to take care of him.

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