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Earn money from the internet is not a secret anymore. The techniques are also diverse, ranging from fast, slow, difficult, easy, lawful, even unlawful there is doing it.

But what will the author discuss for the search for money through the virtual world is a bit difficult, but kosher. As for what we will discuss that seputaran write write.

Frankly, earn money with writing activities through blogs quite a lot, ie installing Pay Per Click ads, Pay Per View, self-adhesive, review services, and so forth.

However, in obtaining money with a significant amount with these methods require blogs that have high traffic.

Thus, the opportunity click advertisements, views, and ogled advertisers would be more and more, then how to blog a little number of visitors ... ?.

Do not worry, although your blog is still a little visitor, there are other solutions to make money, and blogs can be made money by selling it.

If you have the desire to undergo the business referred, various techniques or tips to make money by buying and selling blogs can be tried. And for those who intend to manage the blog seems to be able to apply immediately.

But if you have a blog with the number of visitors exorbitant, actually very dear to be changed hands. But if you are in need of money suddenly, there is nothing wrong to sell the blog through the forum adsense, for example if you are in the country can go through the forum ads.id.

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Where to buy or buy a blog or website, actually a lot. Earlier in this blog, the authors mention only through the forum ads.id, because that's where that ever done many people.

In the forum is not only blogs in Indonesian language, blog language other countries can also be marketed. The buying or selling or bargaining system is not much different from the auction.

If you are curious about the process, let's see the address in this Ads.id

In the forum referred, a blog will be offered with an expensive price, not just based on the number of visitors.

Although visitors are not as many as 5 years old blogs, provided the quality of published content can make people interested in following the auction. The more bidders that follow, the blog can certainly get a significant price.

Furthermore, there are some points which the authors note to note, or summarized if you want to buy and sell blogs to earn money based on economic pressure, and if you intend to do more business in this case, try to have each niche own blog.

Then try the theme of the article do not mixed. So why blogs should not be jumbled ...?. It's because blog niche traffic thousand page views can be more expensive than two thousands of page views mixed blogs.

In addition to one niche for one blog, do not forget also one email, for one blog. And do not create one email for another blog login.

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This is certainly to facilitate the transaction, and blogs should be moved to the owner (This rule applies also to the domain register and hosting).

Next, fill in the blog with quality content, the writing is done manually, and the length is at least seven hundred words, it means above (Thu hundred words better) Number of articles at least 50, which is important enough to attract visitors to your blog have traffic For his technique, Selling blogs when the traffic is a lot.

While for the last point, a bit much related to SEO.Because at the time the new blog is created, and still about two months old, the visitor is still a little.

At that time, you should not sell your blog first, and Let your blog until the age of 6 - 8 months.Then, when visitors have started to appear, then blog you can move hands to others.

In order not to trouble, or to increase clearly in the business implementation on this ads.id, you will be reunited with the terms OB, INC, and BIN. And for those who do not know what the term is, a little will the authors describe so that you are helped in running it.

Understanding OB is Open Bid, then INC is short for Increase (Bid Increase), while BIN is Buy IT Now (The person doing BIN first, He is the winner of the auction and himself entitled to get the web after making the payment).

Of the various businesses that exist on the internet, certainly not separated from the role of the world's search engine giant called Google, and or Google Adsense.

Google is very helpful to the unemployed or job seekers who have the talent and creative spirits, hopefully the founders of this google company gained a long life, and the company is always glorious.

Thank you Larry Page, thank you Sergey Brin, thank you Google, thank you Blogger, thank you Adsense .... !!!. You are the best, which internet users find all over the world.


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