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Do you know what is meant by Teeth ...?. Some people do not know ...?, Here's the explanation.

What is meant Teeth is one part of God's creation is very hard, where the creation of God (Teeth) is located beside the left, or right tongue.

Teeth have varying structures that make it possible to perform many functions. The tooth has the main function, namely to tear and chew food.

While in the living creatures of the type of carnivore, Teeth becomes a weapon to protect themselves as well as able to eliminate the life between the same kind of creature, the tooth also has a form and function that is very useful, especially for humans.

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A. Human Tooth Forms And Their Its usefulness.
Human teeth are divided into several kinds that existed in the mouth based on the shape. Various kinds of human teeth and their uses include:

1. Teeth Series.
Teeth Series is a tooth that consists of a root, then this tooth serves to cut and cut food or other objects. The series teeth are on the front with an upright shape and a sharp edge.

2. Tooth Teeth.
Tooth Teeth is a tooth that consists of one root and serves to rip food or other objects. The shape of the canine teeth is high and pointed.

3. Front and Back Molar Teeth.
The Front Molar Teeth is a tooth that consists of two roots that serve to grind and chew food or other objects. Forms front gear is lower and more flat with small bumps. The back (molar) tooth is a tooth consisting of three roots that serve to crush, crush, smooth and chew food or other objects.

But the teeth are also very sensitive if rarely done treatment, he can cause illness as well as create a smile of charm smile because it is yellow. Do you guys have yellow teeth ...?. 

Although only limited to the color, but yellow-looking teeth can make a sense of confidence to come down, especially when you're hanging out and talking with others. For that putih your teeth to return to confidence.

Having white teeth to be a dream of many people, whether it's women or men would crave it. By having clean white teeth, the smile will look more brilliant, so the confidence was increasing.

But before discussing how to whiten yellow teeth naturally, it's good to understand the cause of this yellow teeth:
  • Lazy tooth cleaning.
  • Brushing your teeth in a way that is not true.
  • Frequently consuming beverages such as coffee, and teas that trigger teeth to yellow.
  • Strong smoke, nicotine can also result in yellow teeth.
  • Consume lots of energy drinks and supplements.
  • Tooth whitening drugs used fake.
And when the teeth turn yellow, you mean often do the bad habits as above. Therefore, when applying the natural way to whiten yellow teeth that will give this author, you should try to minimize bad habits above.

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And here are some ways to whiten back teeth into yellow, including:

#. Wearing Betel nut.
It turns out the benefits of betel nut for the health is very complete, including one can maintain healthy teeth and mouth.

Betel nut seeds are very nutritious to whiten yellow teeth naturally. Even with the regular use of betel nut seeds are also efficacious to strengthen the teeth.

Techniques to Teeth Whitening with Betel Nut Fruit:
First burn the seeds of betel nuts until charred. Then puree until soft and mix with warm water.

Rub to the tooth with a cotton cloth. Then gargle with warm water until clean. Good luck, good luck ... !!!

#. Wearing Miswak.
Miswak or siwak, has been known for a long time as a dental cleanser, gum, and mouth. Even the history of recording this natural material has been used since the days of Ancient Egypt.

All branches and roots of siwak tree you can actually use, but make sure the first bahanya soft and clean so as not to cause irritation.

Techniques whiten yellow teeth with Miswak or Siwak:
First prepare a soft siwak, can limb or roots. Mash the siwak until smooth, then rub gently into the tooth. Perform a rub for about 10-15 seconds. Gargle with warm water.

#. Wearing Salt And Lemon.
Similar to wood charcoal, salt can also erode the layer of teeth. Thus, using salt is very effective to whiten yellow teeth naturally.

But keep in mind, try not to use it excessively, because it can cause teeth to be damaged.

Teeth Whitening Techniques with Salt And Lemon:
Mix Salt with lemon juice to form pasta-like dough. Use to brush your teeth as usual. Then gargle with warm water until clean.

#. Wearing Citrus Layer (Leather).
Do not get rid of orange peel. Who would have thought, orange peel has a great benefit to take care of teeth. Use fresh orange peel to whiten teeth naturally.

Even with regular use, your gums will also be healthier and can be free of bacteria.

Technique whiten teeth with orange peel:
Prepare a fresh orange peel to taste, take the white part of the orange peel until it runs out.

Put on toothbrush, then use to brush your teeth until clean. After that gargle with warm water until clean.

#. Wearing Baking Soda.
Baking soda may be better known as one of the obligatory ingredients when making bread and cakes. Apparently baking soda can also you use to clean stains on the teeth.

Its fairly high abrasive properties can help lift the small dirt attached to the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Technique with Baking Soda:
Combine baking soda together with warm water to form a paste. Apply evenly throughout the tooth, then let stand 15 minutes.

Brush your teeth using regular toothpaste. Keep in mind, using excessive baking soda will trigger tooth decay. Therefore, try to stop when the teeth are clean white.

#. Wearing Wood Charcoal.
It may sound very strange, because why to whiten teeth using a black material. Nevertheless, do not let the wood charcoal, because it has a content that can remove the yellow color on the teeth.

But try to use wood charcoal 1 - 2 times only, given its nature can erode tooth enamel, so excessive use will lead to aches and toothache.

Teeth Whitening Technique with Wood Charcoal:
Provide sufficient wood charcoal, puree the charcoal until it becomes powder. Use to brush your teeth slowly, then Gargle with warm water and see the result.

And keep in mind, although able to whiten teeth quickly but try not to use it excessively, because it is dangerous for teeth.


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