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What is Democracy ...?, Curious for the word Democracy ...?. Democracy is one of the most widely used political systems of the countries of the world.

Simply democracy is defined as the government of the people, which we know more the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The pillar that becomes the requirement of the democratic political system is a government that is open, accountable, responsive, and conducts free and sustainable elections.

The holding of free and sustainable elections is a requirement in the democratic political system, because elections are one of the means of popular sovereignty in which the people can elect representatives and leaders directly to run the government.

Then the political leaders in question are representatives of the people who sit in the parliamentary bodies (parliament) both at the central and regional levels, and leaders of executive or head of government such as president, governor, or mayor / regent.

In democracy, the people are important actors, meaning that democratic awareness can be expressed high if the participation of the community in the implementation of elections increases.

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But the current conversation of society, namely the high cost for the implementation of the election. Where in a single election can spend the budget up to hundreds of millions of dollars, even more.

And whether there is no other strategy for the election not to cost so much, because if the cost is used to help the economy or prosper the country, will certainly bring a positive impact for the people or countries that organize it.

So here's the author tries to provide input on other ways for the implementation of elections from what has been done at this time, as for the election is the Online Election (E-Vote). Here's a suggestion or explanation:

Online Election (E-Vote) is the general election conducted using internet means. For the implementation, what media is needed ...?.
In E - Vote equipment used at each polling station is enough two touch - screen LCD and two computer CPUs connected to the internet.

Where one of the two LCDs and CPUs is only used as a backup, meaning that only one LCD and CPU are operated.

Requests For Choosing.
The mandatory requirement of each voter must have an identity of course there is an Identity Number.

Intended Who Online Election This ...?.
Online Election is for Candidate of President / Candidate Governor / Mayor / Regent / Legislative. It can even be said for a joint general election, or simultaneously.

Requirements To Become a Politician.
Requirements to be a good politician Candidate President / Candidate Governor / Mayor / Regent / Legislature, following various tests conducted online include: IQ test, EQ, SQ, LQ and other tests that are considered appropriate.

Then it only shows two names of politicians (President / Governor / Mayor / Regent / Legislative), and who get the highest score may vote. The goal is only one side of the course.

Then for the Legislature that is 10 names of each - each area of election, provided that have the highest value. All processes are executed online, and each code or PIN is assigned automatically by the program.

On the Touch Screen, What Does It Take To Show ...?.
In the touch screen only displays the logo design and the name of a political party, code or PIN of each - each politician. No photos or full names of politicians, all politicians who participate in the election are qualified politicians with the highest rank.

How is the Selecting ...?.
Voters simply enter the Population Identity Number (Assisted by the officer), and enter the place of election, then voters only do legitimacy only.

Help only press (With the forefinger) PIN from politicians (under the party design logo) on the Touch screen. Before choosing, each voter gets a quick clue how to vote given by the officer, either through brochures or demonstrations or demonstrations.

Where are the Electors Making the Elections ...?.
Voters can choose anywhere, both inside and outside the country of origin to have a Identity ID. It is not possible for voters to vote more than once, because once the Identity Number enters the server, the Identity ID is immediately registered or locked (It is unlikely that the same or multiple Identity Identity Number can fit into the server).


Advantages of Online Election ...?
  • Save Expenses, especially if the election of president / regional head / legislative done simultaneously and simultaneously.
  • Save Place, because it only needs internet-connected computer.
  • Save Time, because the results of the election can be known from time to time, and the name of the winner will be known or automatically the whole selection process 100%.
  • For areas that have not reached the internet, can still do the selection offline or manual.
  • Available Braille sheets for the blind.
  • Politicians are less costly, because the politicians who go ahead in the election are the ones who pass the best online test, and are free of charge. Only provide campaign costs for political parties.
  • No need to make money politics, because voters do not choose a name again, but a PIN. The politicians and voters who belong to the PIN because only the program that knows. Where PIN is given computer online or automatically. For programs already in the compilation, so can not be engineered or cheated.
  • Hackers need not be feared, because there are security computers, and anti hackers.
  • Fraud is predicted to reach 0%, because online elections can not be engineered like offline or manual elections.
  • It does not require a survey agency, because all politicians who participate in the election are politicians who pass the highest and best test. The election results can then be broadcast once the selection process is completed.
What is being watched in this online election ...?.
  • No ballots required.
  • The voice box is also not needed.
  • Various forms and other forms are not required.
  • Only requires Voting Places.
  • Does not require a key name politician, except only the name of the campaign and the party logo.
  • Fraud or fraudulent engineering in the election does not exist.
  • Does not require energy to fold the ballot paper.
  • Cooperation with printing is not necessary.
  • Shipping escorts Boxes and ballots are not needed.
  • Voter data collection is not necessary as long as it already has an Identity Identification Number electronically.
  • The election committee does not need to make a report, because everything has been done program.
  • Polling venue that has no electricity, can use a genset or laptop machine that the battery has been in full-charger.

The end result of online elections cost - effective, energy, time, facilities and infrastructure, thoughts, places and so forth. 

Means the implementation of elections online can minimize expenditures made by the state budget, and candidates who fight in the election.

The point is that by conducting an online election in a country, the crime of budget crimes committed by the winner in the general election is not too severe, since the winner does not cost much when nominating to the victory.

Of course the people in the electoral country will prosper and prosper, because the leaders are not greedy to commit budget crimes.

Only limited to this author convey, if you have a good idea or idea to improve the contents of the article, can convey suggestions, ideas or feedback through comments or email blog.

And the authors apologize if there are deficiencies in the writing that the author has done in the article above.

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