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The President is identical with the highest status in a country. Therefore, the leadership of the country has a great burden on his position against the people or the integrity of the state.

Title positions are often accompanied by luxurious facilities, where during this power and status is considered close to glamorous life and excessive.

Therefore the assumption appears that if you have high office should be in accordance with the appearance in everyday life, whether the appearance of the house, vehicle or anything else

In fact not a few, the leaders of the country get a large salary and benefits compared with other government positions.


Nevertheless, there are still some people who actually have low income from high office (As head of state) that has been held. And this is the leaders of the country that can be said to be the poorest in the world:

1. Pope Francis (Vatican).
  • The pope is the head of the Catholic Church whose power is equivalent to the president, for he is one of the world's most influential leaders. Pope Francis is the absolute ruler of Vatican City or the smallest independent state in the world, as well as the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Diocese. The Pope was born with the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and He grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • After Pope Benedict XVI resigned, Bergoglio was elected as his successor. Francis has been known to be humble, and to live in a simple and life-saving way, as for his income $ 0. In addition he also chose to stay at Wisma Domus Sanctae Marthae rather than live in the Apostolic Palace's apostolic apartment, and the clothes worn very simply without any ornamentation. He also strongly emphasized that all humans on earth have an obligation to help the poor, as well as heavily promote peace negotiations and interfaith dialogue.
2. Hamid Karzai (Afghanistan).
  • Hamid Karzai was born in 1957, he comes from a political family. His father Hamid Karzai was the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament in 1960, his grandfather the Deputy Speaker of the Senate in 1920, and his uncle was the Afghan Representative at the UN in the 60s. Hamid Karzai himself studied political science at Himachal Pradesh University (India), and himself earned a master's degree. After finishing his education, he worked with a fundraising organization in Pakistan to help anti-communist parties during the Soviet War in Afghanistan in the 80s.
  • After leading the mujahidin leaders in Kabul, and since the collapse of the Soviet government, he served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. But the then Vice President Mohammad Fahim accused him of spying and arresting him. Various controversies related to Hamid Karzai's salary led Afghanistan. In 2010, He reportedly officially received US $ 525 / month.
3. Jose Mujica (Uruguay).
  • Jose Mujica has always been called the world's poorest president, this Uruguayan president was given the title because of his extreme generosity and what has been described as a harsh lifestyle. Jose Mujica was born in 1935. But he was arrested for his involvement in the left-wing guerrilla group in Uruguay, Tupamaros. Jose Mujica spent 14 years in prison and was released under amnesty in 1985. Mujica was involved in left-wing politics and went on to create his own political party, the Popular Participation Movement (MPP).
  • In the 1994 elections, he was elected deputy and five years later he became a senator. In 2004, MPP has become the largest party in the vast front faction. Then in 2005, Jose Mujica became Minister of Agriculture, and a year later became president with more than 48% of the vote, making himself the first former guerrilla leader who ever became president. For his earnings of US $ 12,000, and following the traditions of Former US President John F. Kennedy and President Hoover, Jose Mujica to donate 90% of his salary.

4. Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe).
  • Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924, and graduated with a BA from the University of Fort Hare in Zimbabwe. Mugabe's political career in 1960, started in Southern Rhodesia to join the NDP (National Democratic Party). But when the NDP was banned, Robert Mugabe joined the National Union of Zimbabwe African.
  • At that time when Mugabe emerged as an African hero, He called for reconciliation to all parties. And he won the election in 1980, then received his title on Zimbabwe's independence day. In the 1990s, he reformed the economy. Despite that, Robert Mugabe still earns a low salary with a revenue of US $ 20,000, reportedly adding to his income with children who are still sitting on the bench college of agricultural products.
5. Borut Pahor (Slovenia).
  • Travel of former Prime Minister Pahor, his political career begins in high school. He was only 15 years old when he became chairman of the Slovenian Youth Socialist Alliance student, an independent youth branch. Borut Pahor chose his studies at the University of Ljubljiana on political science and public policy, although he ventured into the modeling world to help pay for his studies. After the youth alliance separated itself from his Party, Pahor continued his political career. Then he was popular in the 80s by being the strongest supporter of the reformist wing of his Party.
  • He became chairman of the Slovenian National Assembly from 2000 to 2004, and became a member of the European Parliament. In 2008 Pahor was appointed President. Then in 2010, it was reported that the President of Slovenia declared himself unable to survive only with his salary, at that time the range reached 3000 euros / month. After three years in power, the Pahor government lost a confidence vote amid the economic crisis, and political tensions. But he continues as a temporary leader, before being replaced by Janez Jansa In February 2012. As for his earnings of US $ 44,280.

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