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You are wrong to do this to save your smartphone's battery power, even though it makes it more wasteful

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The smartphone battery is one of the most important parts of a smartphone. But what happens, if your smartphone's battery power runs out quickly or is wasteful, surely you are not upset...?.

Most smartphone users consider if cleaning recent apps or rows of applications that are being opened (Active in backgroud), can help save battery power. Is it really a way to save battery life like that...?.

Recent apps are a long list of applications that can be accessed via the menu button on a smartphone. Applications that are included in the list are often considered still working. When in fact, applications in recent apps are in a stop condition and stored in the smartphone cache. The goal is that applications that have been opened before can be loaded faster when reopened.

Therefore, deleting recent apps on a smartphone will actually make the battery work harder, and run out quickly. The battery will work harder and run out faster, especially if the deleted application is classified as heavy.

Because, the system will open applications from scratch and require more power than restarting or accessing stored memory. If you want to save battery on a smartphone, you should not use the method of removing recent apps as intended.

There are two ways that smartphone owners can do by reducing notifications and limiting data usage. Two ways can be said to be more appropriate to reduce battery power consumption.

It's best to reduce notifications, disable certain applications that often send notifications. These particular applications, such as social media, usually provide the option to arrange for notifications to be sent in longer intervals. Surely that method can help save battery life, because it reduces the synchronization activities carried out in the background of the system.

Furthermore, to limit data usage, open the panel that contains data consumption tables on smartphone devices. From that panel, smartphone owners can see the applications that consume the most data. Then select the application, then limit or delete the permission to use data in the background.

This method will prohibit the application from using an internet connection automatically. The battery can be more economical. Of course the most effective is to bring a power bank, while applying the two methods above. Thus, the smartphone that you use to play games can be used for a longer period of time, and you still have a power reserve when the battery charge has run out.

Of course, by doing the instructions above, you can save money on buying a smartphone battery. If you save, then your economic condition is not disrupted, and playing games to collect dollar purses you continue to continue. One greeting from me, congratulations on hunting dollars through a smartphone that you have...

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