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Work in 9 of these countries is heavily paid, Turkey is one of them

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, June 16, 2019 | Sunday, June 16, 2019

Talking about work, of course the discussion about salary is not released. But large salaries are usually also synonymous with high work risk and big responsibility.

A big salary is not just a dream, but a matter that must be considered. With a large salary, the responsibility is also greater, let alone working abroad.

Have you ever had the desire to work a broad ...?. Many people who want to work abroad, because the salary or profit can be greater. You must be tempted by higher and bigger income, extensive networking or unusual experience, all of which can be obtained provided you are truly and determined in your work.

If your determination is really round to work or build a career abroad with a higher salary income, maybe 9 of these countries can be considered before you go abroad, including Japan.

Japan is the country that offers the best income in Asia for expatriates. The average salary paid by Japanese companies to middle level foreign workers can reach US $ 386,451 each year. The salary paid outpaced offers in other countries, in the Asian region. (Bloomberg / auth)

Explained by consulting firm ECA International, the strengthening of the value of the Japanese currency (YEN) made the income of Japanese expatriates increased considerably in the past year. As information, an annual survey conducted by ECA titled MyExpatriat Market Pay Survey, measures various offers for expatriates ranging from salaries to other income, such as accommodation and subsidies to continue their studies.

Then the State of India, this country occupies the next position with an offer of overall income for expatriates up to US $ 299,728.

Then, Hong Kong as the city with the most expensive living costs in the Asian region, Hongkong also offers income to foreign workers up to US $ 276,417/ year. However, additional revenues and bonuses offered by the company, in this region, are the highest in the Asian region.

So on, Singapore is known for its low tax rates, good schools, and lifestyles tend to be easier to make companies do not need to offer various types of offers.

Based on the results of the ECA survey, expatriates in the Asian region have fared better than other regions. In America for example, the income offer for middle level foreign workers is US $ 250,028/ year, while Australia is US $ 266,858/ year. Then England, he excelled in the list of countries with the highest expatriate income offer in the world which reached US $ 421,798/ year. And the following is a list of 9 countries with the highest income offers for foreign workers in Asia, including :

1. Japan
2. China
3. Hongkong
4. South Korea
5. Taiwan
6. India
7. Singapore
8. Philippines
9. Thailand

Mean while, 9 countries in the world with the best expatriate salary offer are :

1. United States of America
2. England
3. Japan
4. China
5. France
6. Hong Kong
7. South Korea
8. Australia
9. Turkey

Thus, countries with higher incomes or salaries in the Asian region or beyond, which you can consider trying to make a fortune for monitoring.

And you need to remember, how good you are to work in someone else's area, it's better to work in your own area. Where if you work in your own area, of course you will always meet relatives, and close friends. So, consider carefully your steps, before you make up your mind to fulfill your work desires. Thank you, see you again in the next article...

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