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They said, only 3 minutes of cancer can be cured through emotional control

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, June 21, 2019 | Friday, June 21, 2019

Emotional is a typical feeling and mind, a biological state, psychological and a series of tendencies to act. Besides, emotional is based on a person's feelings or attitudes in reacting to a condition.

While, Spiritual is the intelligence of the soul that helps a person to develop him self intact through the creation of the possibility to apply positive values.

Between emotional and spiritual is very closely related, because if both emotional and spiritual are combined into one, then he can cure a disease, even though the disease is classified as a disease that is difficult to cure. That, as Gregg Braden revealed.

The author of The Theory of Cancer (Gregg Braden) says, that emotions can change our DNA, they can also help us treat various diseases, including cancer. (My Healthy Advices/ auth)

Gregg said, cancer is not only related to the physical, but also spiritual and emotional. According to him, by changing the way we think, we can cure cancer in just 3 minutes. The theory was explained in an article, in The Nature Magazine in 1996 ago.

A lot of research has also shown, our emotions and thoughts are important things in the electromagnetic field, with waves reaching one meter ahead.

Scientists explain, people in the future can produce energy by expressing their thoughts. One of the masters in the practice explained, he might be able to cure his illness and condition with their emotions.

The scientist also tried to explain this with an audio visual product recorded at a hospital in China, where they were able to shrink carcinogenic tumors by 2.5 times in just 3 minutes. In the end, this process was confirmed by an ultrasound scan.

This means, if we learn to control our emotions, we can create strong electromagnetic fields that can control everything in and around us. These feelings and emotions are considered as a reflection of the soul that we belong to.

Be careful about what we think and say is something that must be really considered, because DNA can absorb it. If we want to get change, that means our DNA must also change.

That's the reason, why we need to release all negative emotions and thoughts to start thinking positively, that's because it can cure illness or under any conditions. Of course there is nothing impossible in this world, as long as we want to do good, try and pray, there must be a solution to overcome it. May be useful...

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